Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis apologize for supporting actor Danny Masterson accused of sexual assault

Acting couple, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis uploaded a video on September 9 He apologized for supporting actor Danny MastersonWho was recently found guilty of committing the crime of sexual exploitation.

Masterson, who collaborated with the acting duo on the comedy series “That 70’s Show”, Complaints of sexual exploitation were received in 2020And it wasn’t until this year that he was found guilty.

Before sentencing, Kutcher, Kunis and 50 others sent letters in support of Mastersonwhere he described her as a “positive influence on his life” and a “role model”.

Now, the couple via their Instagram account Has apologized for the support given to Masterson,

,“We are aware of the pain that the letters written on Danny Masterson’s behalf have caused,” Kutcher begins in the video.

Kunis says that, in addition to not agreeing with Masterson’s actions, Will support victims of abuse,

,We have done this historically through our work and we will continue to do so in the future,” says the actress.

Kutcher also says that the letters of support he sent That was a request made by Masterson’s family.,

“The reason was To represent the person we knew for 25 years, so that the judge can take that into consideration with respect to sentencing,” says the actor.

,“We express our condolences to all those who have been victims of sexual assault, sexual exploitation or rape,” the actor-couple say at the end of the film.

The couple’s video, as well as their previous support for Masterson, caused controversy among their followers, To the extent that comments on videos have been disabled.

Additionally, victims of Masterson’s abuse he also talked Through statements by Kutcher and Kunis.

For example, Jane Doe, one of the abuse victims, described the couple’s video as “humiliating and hurtful.”,

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