‘Assassins, dictators!’: Cubans in Santa Clara rebuke policemen who shot a teenager

Shouting “Assassins, repressors!” a crowd of people confronted several policemen and red berets in a Santa Clara neighborhood after an individual was shot by the agents and beaten while he bled to death in the middle of the street.

Several videos that circulate on social networks and were shared on his Facebook profile by AméricaTevé journalist Mario Juan Pentón show at least a dozen uniformed men with their pistols drawn and brandishing their tonfas in front of a crowd who rebukes them, while a young man face down and with bloody clothes lies on the street corner.

According to Penton, the events occurred in the Condado neighborhood, in the capital of Villa Clara. In one of the videos, a person is heard saying that the wounded subject would have been shot inside his own house.

In the middle of the confrontation, Several people tried to help the wounded man and were beaten back by the uniformed men.

Subsequently, Internet user Yeris Gonzálezwho according to his Facebook profile works in a junior high school in Santa Clara, lamented the death of the 17-year-old Zidan Batista Álvarez, victim of the Police shots in the event.

“EPD my godson, my brother and friend. Fly high, Zidan, may God have you in holy glory… maybe you will not rest in peace with so much injustice,” he wrote.

“They took your life when you were so young. I mean, when you were just a child, you were only 17 years old and you didn’t deserve it”he added.

Until the closing of this note there are no official reports on what happened.

More videos of the violent incident that occurred today in Santa Clara where regime police were involved. The events were very serious according to local residents. #NewsInDevelopment

Posted by Mario J. Pentón on Friday, July 1, 2022

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