assets and salary of The Rock


There Forbes 2020 ranking crowns him again; for the second year in a row Dwayne Johnson, known to the world as The Rock, And the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

L’former wrestling wrestler once again stands out in the most coveted ranking by movie stars and does so with dizzying earnings. His proceeds, however, do not derive only from the film world since it is his person who is a real brand now. The heritage accumulated therefore reflects this double characteristic of committed actor and digital entrepreneur, if we can define it that way.

Summarizing the road that has led him here, let’s take a look into the pockets of one of the most famous faces of the international big screen.

Dwayne Johnson: The Origins of The Rock’s Success

Dwayne Johnson’s thriving career didn’t start in the spotlight of the world that today acclaims him as the wealthiest actor of the year.

His character, well before appearing on the big screen, was born in the ring, along the path traced by his father and grandfather, two well-known and famous Samoan wrestlers. The Rock was in fact known as Rocky Maivia in honour of Rocky Johnson, of which he is the son, and Peter Maivia of which he was the grandson.

The former wrestler gained notoriety and success starting from his participation in the World Wrestling Federation / Entertainment, a competition in which he competed for 10 years, winning 19 titles. The hype of his presents at the main events of Raw SmackDown and pay-per-view events have made him the icon that is outside the sports sector today.

Given the popularity acquired in that context, in fact, it appeared on the covers of numerous video games. From there the first films and franchises led by producers who saw in him a great potential for gain and success as we can now attest without any reservations.

What is the assets of The Rock

From its sports media exposure The Rock had made more than decent sums, but al decisive leap occurred in conjunction with his entry into thecinematic universe.


If on the one hand we cannot fail to mention his first fruitful leading role in the film The Scorpion King and in the sequel The treasure of the Amazon is with the well-known saga of Fast & Furious that earnings go up a lot. Another iconic turning point was the film San Andreas which, with the result of the box office, earned him the nomination of “man of the century”And the presence on the ranking Time of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Not for nothing his heritage staff currently amounts to 350 million dollars, to which are added the 87.5 million registered in 2020.

Among the possessions of Dwayne Johnson we also remember an enviable collection of sports and racing cars as well as Ford pick-ups, also given away to friends and family several times.

In the face of such high figures and such high-profile luxury goods, however, there are also interventions aimed at charities and non-profit awareness campaigns. Last of all the donation of the latest XBox model to more than 15 American children’s hospitals.

The Rock: salary and source of income

The rumors speak of one salary of $ 24 million per film but to these earnings must be added many other entrepreneurial projects that Dwayne Johnson carries out in parallel with his life as an actor.

In fact, the proceeds also come from programs for the small screen including the NBC show “The Titan Games” and the series “Young Rock”, while, on the clothing front, famous and much appreciated by consumers is its line of clothing and sports accessories in collaboration with Under Armor from the name “Project Rock”.

The last but not the least important source of income for the actor is obviously linked to social networks and his influence on the platform of Instagram. The Rock account often shows advertising sponsorships which, according to an analysis by marketing agency Hopper HQ, lead Johnson to earn up to 890 thousand euros for a single post.


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