Assignment MIR 2022: first specialty exhausted

Moments prior to the 2022 MIR exam.

The second day of awarding MIR places 2022in which they have been able to choose 400 more doctors until reaching the order number 800, has concluded this Saturday with the first of the exhausted specialties, which is none other than Dermatology. For its part, Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery is close to closing its quota, since they have been vacancies three seats after this day.

Regarding Dermatology, one of the most chosen medical specialties in the first award rounds, it should be noted that this year it has sold out in record time. Last year he closed his quota after being chosen by the applicant with the number 1,008although, on this occasion the last person to choose it has been number 721. This applicant will do residency at the Navarra University Clinicprior agreement of the hospital.

Although the last place for Dermatology in the public sector was chosen by the applicant with the number 713 in it Ferrol Hospital Complex.

Precisely, Sofia Hasel Gruberthe applicant with the best MIR exam grade this year, has opted for this branch as she already told Medical Writing; and on Friday, on the first day of allocation of places, it was learned that the hospital chosen to train in this specialty will be the Virgin of the Snows of Granada.

MIR Plastic Surgery: three vacancies

Behind Dermatology, the second specialty that aims to end soon is Plastic surgery. On this award day, she has been chosen by 48 doctors, leaving three vacancies. The last person who chose it has the number 780 and has chosen to form the Albacete Specialized Area.

Last year this specialty sold out on the third day, with the contender for order number 836which also selected the Albacete Specialized Area.

With five vacancies, Legal and Forensic Medicine is the next least available. The last person to elect her has an order number of 690 and has chosen to train at the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Aragon.

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