Associate Professor in Medicine and Nursing at Unizar

Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zaragoza.

The Zaragoza’s University (Unizar) has opened a call for the hiring of Associate Professors in Health Sciences. Specifically, the academic institution has presented a total of 122 places distributed among the degrees of Medicine, Nursing and Physiotherapy.

Specifically, for the degree of Medicinethe call contemplates a total of 56 places in various specialties. On the other hand, for the degree of Nursingthe University of Zaragoza has opened a total of 47 placeswhile for the degree of Physiotherapy the call includes 19 places of associate professor. Applicants must submit an application for each of the places they want to attend, being able to apply for as many places as their professional profile allows them.

The duration of the contracts it will be a year, after which a Follow-up Commission of the Agreement between the Government of Aragon and the University of Zaragoza, following a report on the professor’s assistance and teaching activity, will evaluate and, where appropriate, propose the renewal of the contract. At this point, from the University they emphasize that the maximum duration of the contract, including all possible renewals, will be as maximum of four years.

This call also includes the creation of a waiting list. Thus, candidates who do not obtain a place but present an ideal profile for the selection committee will become part of a waiting list, by place, with a view to making up for the possible resignation of the proposed candidate or definitive withdrawal for any other reason. In this case, the candidate on the waiting list would fill the vacancy called.

Requirements to apply for an associate professor position in Medicine and Nursing

As stated in the announcement published in the Official Gazette of Aragon, applicants for one of the associate professor positions must prove their relationship as specialists and university graduates, according to the type of place, of the care areas that provide services in the health institution of the Aragonese Health Service.

For the places offered in the Nursing degree, applicants must have a minimum five years professional experience as a nursing professional.

All documentation must be submitted electronically within a period of calendar days, Starting Friday, May 13. Thus, at the end of the application submission period, the provisional list of admitted and excluded applicants will be published and a period of ten business days will be opened to correct possible errors.

It should be noted that the call stipulates the obligation to submit to a medical examination through the University Prevention Service (Individual Health Surveillance Area). In this way, the medical examination prior to the start of activities in jobs with risk is mandatory and, in the event that the applicant for the position has not been declared fit, the contract cannot take effect.

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