Asteroid City, the movie full of stars like Scarlett Johansson or Tom Hanks

Filmmaker Wes Anderson has a new project! In this case we are talking about Asteroid City, a movie set in the 50s in a fictitious city in the desert where they meet for a school contest, actually a summer camp dedicated to the observation of astronomical phenomena, parents and children who will witness a large-scale event that will change people’s lives forever.

Set in a small American town in the 1950s, it will tell the events that take place in a convention of space cadets who meet there to hold a competition there. A series of events that could change the world will jeopardize everyone involved. The first trailer that has been seen already anticipates that this is a one hundred percent Wes Anderson movie. Asteroid City recovers the director’s highly recognizable aesthetics and brings together all the really interesting Hollywood stars in the same title.

In this context, the cast of the film is full of important names within the Hollywood film industry. We can talk about Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, Steve Carell, Maya Hawke, Matt Dillon, Sophia Lillis, Scarlett Johansson and Bryan Cranston. A luxury team if we take into account the professional news of these stars who stand out both on TV and on the big screen.

There is still more! Because Wes Anderson did not forget to summon actors with whom he had already worked in the past. The list includes: Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Edward Norton, Jason Schwartzman, Jeff Goldblum, Jeffrey Wright, Tony Revolory, and Liev Schreiber.

In this way, the filmmaker follows a trend in the industry in recent years with casts full of brilliant names, such as Don’t Look Up, Knives Out, Inception or The Irishman, among others.

Wes Anderson’s filmography includes titles such as Life Aquatic, The Eccentric Tenenbaums, Three’s a Crowd, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Isle of Dogs and The French Chronicle, among other films that make him a filmmaker with a vast career and an experience that will certainly It allows you to handle a distribution of proper names of the level that Asteroid City has.

The next film in Wes Anderson’s filmography will hit theaters on June 16 in a “limited” way and on the 23rd of that same month in theaters around the planet. Further? There are other names of actors that we did not highlight in the previous lists but that does not stop them from having an important specific weight: Hope Davis, Stephen Park, Rupert Friend, Hong Chau and Jake Ryan.


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