AstraZeneca, our third dose neutralizes Omicron – Medicine

British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca says a third dose of its covid-19 vaccine “significantly” raises the level of antibodies to Omicron, according to a laboratory study. “The third booster dose of the vaccine neutralized the Omicron variant at levels similar to those that emerged for the second dose against the Delta variant, “AstraZeneca said in a note.

Novavax, vaccine test against Omicron in January – As early as next January Novavax could start testing a new specific vaccine for the Omicron variant. This was announced by the American company in a statement. “As the coronavirus continues to evolve, development of a vaccine against Omicron may be necessary,” said Gregory M. Glenn, Novavax President of Research and Development. “Novavax has cloned, expressed and characterized Omicron’s Spike protein vaccine and will soon enter the GMP production phase. We plan to begin clinical trials in the first quarter of 2022,” he concluded.

THE FIFTH VACCINE Meanwhile, vaccines against Covid have reached 5 with the green light from Aifa to that of Novavax for those over 18 with a primary vaccination course of two doses three weeks apart. “The available data, notes Aifa’s CTS, on the Nuvaxovid vaccine – explains Aifa – have shown an efficacy of about 90% in preventing symptomatic COVID-19 disease even in the population over the age of 64. The safety profile is it has been shown to be positive, with mainly local adverse reactions “. Meanwhile, to cope with the advance of Omicron, the ok is also expected to advance the third dose from 5 to 4 months and we begin to discuss the need to administer the booster dose also to under 18. This is the picture on the eve of the cabin. direction of tomorrow on the treatment and therapy front.

THE ANTO COVID PILL IN THE USA And from the US the announcement that the American Food and Drug Administration has given the green light to Pfizer’s Covid pill, which thus becomes the first drug to be taken at home against the virus. In particular, the new Novavax vaccine, says the president of the Italian drug agency (Aifa), Giorgio Palù is “another powerful weapon” to fight Covid, produced with a different technology, with an advantage “over mRna vaccines” since it does not need the cold chain. “It will be distributed in one and a half billion doses, with the Covax system, in developing countries, which is important” because “there is a global need for vaccines” and “the virus replicates especially in unprotected countries”, Palù explains.