At least one million people have lost their lives in the United States due to COVID-19

A renowned former State and Federal prosecutor from Tampa Bay told us how he almost died from the virus

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Bryant Camareno, a renowned Tampa Bay attorney, has not only made history in court, he also made history by surviving Covid-19, a disease that changed his life since October of last year. . “I started in October, I started with a cough, then November, December, I started losing weight and that’s when I got worried.”

He says his physical change was dramatic. “I have lost almost 30 pounds.” Affirmed[oCamareno[oCamareno

In January of this year, he ended up in the hands of specialists, who revealed the damage that the virus had left in his body. “They found two nodules, that’s where they found out. The Covid was marking my lungs. It was like having pneumonia but it wasn’t liquid, it wasn’t bacteria. They were nodules and they still exist.”

Camareno told us that 3 members of his family died from Covid, including a cousin who showed the same symptoms as him. “Knowing that she got sick at the same time that I got sick, when she passed away I thought: I’m losing weight, I’m not getting better, it’s hard for me to breathe. So I thought that it was in a short time that the same thing was going to happen to me.”

Even with visible problems speaking and with the pain after the loss of his loved ones, he is grateful for this second chance. “The good thing is that thank God, although I have trouble breathing and I’m hoarse, I’m alive.”

The lawyer warns that with caution, we can still escape this disease. “The point is to take care of yourself, life is very short and people are dying.”

The contagion figures have remained low compared to the first months of the pandemic, but doctors reiterate the need to be vaccinated and to maintain all measures to prevent new outbreaks of Covid-19.

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