At least seven people died in torrential rains in Switzerland and France

The torrential rain that hit Switzerland, France and Italy this weekend has at least come to an end seven diedAs reported by local authorities this Sunday. ,

In SwissAt least four people have died and another is still missing. Three of them have died after one Landslide It was caused by torrential rains in the southeast of the country, Ticino canton police said.

Rescuers specified that they had found “the bodies of two people” in the Fontana area, who are yet to be identified. According to local newspaper La Region, the two dead are two Swiss women who were holidaying in the area.

I also found a man dead in a hotel In Saas-Grun, in the southwestern canton of Valais, police said they were probably caught by surprise by the sudden and rapid rise in water levels.

A large part of Switzerland has been affected by violent storms and heavy rain since Saturday. In the southwest, torrential rain and melting snow have caused flooding of the Rhone River and its tributaries. Several hundred people were evacuated And many roads will be closed.

The authorities in several cantons decided to cancel all outdoor events on Saturday, preventing thousands of fans of the Swiss team from celebrating their victory over Italy (2-0) at the European Championship.

Photos of torrential rain in Switzerland

Italy, no victims

In northern Italy, there have also been floods in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, but authorities have not yet reported any casualties. No hunting,

Piedmont firefighters indicated this Sunday morning that they had carried out 80 interventions to help people,

In the Aosta Valley, a tongue of mud temporarily blocked a regional access road to tourist Cervinia. The strong currents caused considerable damage in the city center, where several businesses were submerged.

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