At least three people killed and one missing after severe storm hits Switzerland

At least three people were killed and one person was missing after a landslide in the Swiss canton Ticino (south) triggered by a strong storm over the weekend, which also caused several rivers to swell, including the Rhone, one of the main rivers in the country.

Where news of landslide has come from Maggia Valley Roads have been closed, at least one bridge has been destroyed and at least 400 people have been evacuated from several camping sites and some homes along the alpine river.

Bad weather conditions continued in the area and made the search for the missing man difficult, cantonal police said, as quoted by Swiss national television RTS.

The three valleys have been isolated, and power supply in the region has been disrupted and water supplies contaminated Police have asked people to limit their movements.

Further west, in the canton of Valais, where the upper course of the Rhône is located, the river overflowed in many areas, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of people in the main cities on that part of the river, Briga and Sion (the capital of the canton).

The industrial area of ​​Aigle, near the mouth of the Rhone into Lake Geneva, was also evacuated as a precaution.

The situation has disrupted rail transport in some areas of Valais, as well as traffic on the A9 motorway, the same area where evacuations have been ordered.

Valais authorities have recommended avoiding any non-essential travel in the lower region of the valley or going near the banks of the river, which after forming Lake Geneva runs through major cities such as Geneva in Switzerland or Lyon, Avignon and Arles in France, Efe reports.

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