At Macchiagodena theater and music for Enzo Nocera

MACCHIAGODENA – Evening of theater and music dedicated to Enzo Nocera in the Municipal Library of Macchiagodena.

The appointment is for Wednesday 1 December 2021, at 19.00 with Quanne jesce ru sole, jesce pe all of them, show produced by the Matese Friend Festival, an event that now has more than ten editions, for the Macchiagodenese public and not, only the beautiful things of the Molise tradition, under the banner of #ripartiamo. The protagonists will be the actors of the Course of the Academy the Pentagram, directed by Eva Sabelli And Luca Venturi, Ave Venditti, Marco Muccilli, Rita Gianfrancesco, Sabina Iadarola and the little one Teresa Cappussi, 12 years. This event, which will start the artistic-cultural events of December in Macchiagodena, and falls within the period in which the exclusive project of the Municipality of Macchiagodena called “Genius Loci is underway. Bring me a book and I’ll give you my soul “, will be opened by the greetings of the mayor of Macchiagodena, Felice Ciccone; management entrusted to the journalist Giuseppe Rapuano.

Quanne jesce ru sole, jesce pe all of them. Quanne jesce ru sole, jesce pe all of them.

Tribute to Enzo Nocera. Nonna Marietta, I precciati, I precciatiell, Ru rusarie, La morra, La passatella: these are all life stories of the 40s and 50s taken from Il Lunario dell’Osteria, sometimes told with hilarity, sometimes with melancholy, by wise pen of Enzo Nocera, pioneer of Molise publishing, visionary, intellectual of rank, passionate about art, history, fiction, poetry and that popular tradition that are the path of rebirth of Molise culture.

All with the Teatro Accademia Musicale Il Pentagramma and with the actors Ave Venditti, Marco Muccilli, Rita Gianfrancesco, Sabina Iadarola, Teresa Cappussi, directed by Eva Sabelli And Luca Ventura, the music is by the maestro Antonio Scioli.

An evening of theater and music, with the production of the Matese Friend Festival which now has more than ten editions. The commitment of many people for their territory, for the enhancement of culture, music and entertainment in general. It is no coincidence that the organizers wanted to give a subtitle to the Matese Friend Festival: #ripartiamo! We all leave together, in small steps, almost on tiptoe, with a small audience, after a complicated period.

In Macchiagodena only beautiful things will be shown and it will also be done with the music, that of the maestro Antonio Scioli, profound connoisseur of unusual and extraordinary instruments: the hurdy-gurdy, the flute, the bagpipe, the bagpipe.

Show to also tell a man who dedicated his life to Molise: Enzo Nocera. Tireless animator and promoter of Molise culture, a reference point for publishing, Enzo Nocera who, unfortunately, left this land last year, born and raised in Bojano, after numerous collaborations with prestigious national newspapers, local magazines and Rai, in a crazy and far-sighted vision, in 1965, makes a long-cherished dream come true: found a publishing house, Edizioni Enne. A visionary dream for the time, in a region that had no similar precedents, but which in 35 years of uninterrupted activity has edited more than 400 titles, almost all of them on Molise.

Defined by many as the Father of Molise publishing, notoriously reserved, thoughtful, always able to ask questions and even question himself, Nocera has removed many events, many stories, many life photographs from the risk of loss of memory. With his Almanac of Molise he entered the homes of the Molise people, notebooks that are now almost impossible to find, dear to those who are lucky enough to have them at home, but not only. He has collected the recipes of Molise cuisine in his Molisenda, a culinary diary written with his sister Rita, and The kitchen of holidays, guides and publications on folk customs, non-fiction, history, poetry, fiction, art, tales and popular proverbs.

Among the thousands of publications, in Macchiagodena, viewers will have the pleasure of listening to some pieces of “Il Lunario dell’Osteria”: Nonna Marietta, precciati, precciatiell, Ru rusarie, morra, passatella, cice and seeds. Life stories from the 40s and 50s told, sometimes with hilarity and sometimes with melancholy, by this unforgotten writer, intellectual of rank, passionate about those popular traditions that are the path of rebirth of the Molise culture.

For all those wishing to participate in indoor events, aged 12 and over, it will be sufficient to show the Green Certification, or the Green Pass (paper or digital), to certify even a single dose of vaccine, the molecular or rapid swab, or the certification of cure from Covid-19 within 6 months, accompanied by an identity document, as per the provisions of the law (DL of 23 July 2021 n.105) and indications from the Ministry of Health to deal with the epidemiological emergency from Coronavirus.

Days dedicated to entertainment, culture, and books in particular, they see the local municipal administration working in harmony with the reading villages network and the Macchiagodena Pro Loco.



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