at the end of 2022 cheaper plans with advertising

After one of the streaming platforms most famous, Netflix, will announce Millionaires loses and a considerable reduction in their number of subscribers during the first quarter of 2022, announced that it would launch a new cheaper plan but with advertising.

According to information released, it is expected that the new subscription modality will arrive during the last three months of this year. In addition to this, the platform will take “strong measures against the password exchange.

Netflix: at the end of 2022 cheaper plans with advertising. Photo: Pixabay

And it is that in addition to the obvious financial crisis that this streaming platform is going through, it needed to adapt to the business model that its competitors had implemented some time ago: a cheaper model and ads, such as HBO.

What Netflix intends is to maintain solid brands by offering a service with advertising since most of this type of company announced a service with advertising to compete in the market with a lower price.

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And it is that the shares of the company had falls of up to 70 billion dollars after announcing that it lost subscribers. So far it has not been disclosed what the price of the new plans will be or how advertising will be integrated.

In Latin America, Netflix began with some changes, such as increasing the rate for users who wanted to continue sharing their password with other people who live in different places, which will not be prohibited, as long as they pay extra.

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The only thing left is for Netflix to officially confirm this news and share the new prices so that users can decide what suits them best, which they should be clear about by the end of the year.

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