At the end of February, works will be completed on a new square with games brought from France and lights from Portugal

A new play space for children will have the sector of Avenida Costanera del Estrecho, in the section between José Velastegui and Manantiales, which is already 95% complete, only subtracting the installation of lighting and road signs. This section corresponds to the second stage of the project and contemplates the beautification of a triangle located in the deviation of the avenue towards Jorge Montt street, in addition to children’s games and green areas, construction by the Salfa company. The novelty regarding the recreational spaces is that they are brought from France, while the lighting is brought from Portugal. The square also has games specially designed for children with disabilities.

The works were visited by the regional director of the Serviu, María Luz Gajardo, who estimated that this small square will be ready by the end of February and that another space will soon be added.

“We have ad portas of its beginning the work that follows, towards the side of the Strait, and they clearly improve the quality of life of those who live nearby. We have a park with international standards, we have advanced towards inclusiveness because we have a special game for those who use wheelchairs; We have an improvement for the city, in visual and aesthetic terms. It is an investment of more than $1,600 million between what we are finishing and starting”, highlighted Gajardo.

By 2023, the regional director of the Minvu reported that “more than 22 billion pesos will be invested only in urban works, in Punta Arenas, Natales and care centers in other communes. The most immediate will begin on January 9, which will go from Manantiales to Chañarcillo, “in which we are going to improve lighting, we will have children’s games of the same quality, signage and pedestrian crossings.”

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