At the last minute, Ricky Martin’s concert in Querétaro is cancelled, what happened?

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The tour “tour movement” from Ricky Martin It started successfully in Mexico City, but this weekend it suffered a serious setback, after the concert it had planned in Mexico City was canceled at the last minute. queretaro, to the annoyance of thousands of fans who were outside the Club Hípico de Juriquilla waiting to enter.

What happened? The show was scheduled at 8:00 p.m., but the public was summoned an hour before to give them access. However, the Civil Protection Coordination reported on its social network accounts that the necessary conditions were not met to guarantee the safety of the attendees.

Personal of Civil protection went to the place of the concert to verify that the number of private security personnel was in accordance with what was required, but an hour later, the unit reported that the presentation had been canceled for not meeting the established requirements.

The Municipal Civil Protection Coordination published the notice of the cancellation of the Ricky Martin concert.
Photo: Screenshot/Twitter

The cancellation of this massive act occurs after the violent events that took place in that city on March 5 in the party Queretaro-Atlas which was played at the Corregidora stadium, with a balance of at least 20 people injured.

After the terrible events in the Liga MX soccer match, the authorities tightened their verifications in the holding of events, since a few weeks ago they appeared Alejandro Fernandez and Pepe Aguilar in Querétaro, in both shows it was denounced that there was overcrowding.

The attendees outside the venue did not wait for their annoyance and their complaints also through social networksIn addition, various local media reported that even after 9:00 p.m., people were still waiting outside the venue, since no one gave them any explanation for the cancellation of the concert.

Fans expressed their annoyance at the last minute cancellation of the Ricky Martin concert.
Photo: Twitter

The promoter of the event assured that the decision to cancel the concert took the attendees by surprise, to whom the money for their tickets will be returned. “Idevymark is respectful of the decision to cancel the concert by the municipal authority, even if it occurred in moments prior to its performance. Situation that took the attendees by surprise at the entrance of the enclosure, even more so when they have proven a harmonious behavior in this type of event”, it reads.

It also highlights the need to expand communication channels with the city council in order to avoid last-minute cancellations that, in addition, impact the mood of the attendees and the influx of tourists. “While the decision to cancel the concert is beyond Idevymark’s control, All tickets will be refunded.

The public was outside the Club Hípico de Juriquilla waiting to be able to enter the concert, when it was cancelled. Photo: Twitter

They also cancel concert in Zacatecas

Until now Ricky Martin He has not issued any comment on his networks in this regard, but he did report that the concert announced on March 20 at the Multiforo de Zacatecas was also canceled “for reasons beyond the artist.”

Official statement of the cancellation of the next concert of the “Movimiento Tour” tour in Zacatecas.

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