At the Malpensa Motocross final of the prestigious motocross championship with Ryan O’Conner

Generic September 18, 2023

New appointment on Saturday, September 30 at Motocross Malpensa for the Good Guys showcase during the final of the Italian Prestige Motocross Championship. The event, with free admission, will feature Ryan O’Conner’s stage, who will bring all his energy and drive the audience crazy starting at 9:30 p.m.

At the age of 9, the artist began to consolidate the interest in the world of racing inherited from his father, participating in the first motocross competitions two years later. A passion that was born even before the beginning of his musical journey, with which he will be intertwined since the writing of his first rap lyrics.

After having participated several times in the Italian Championship, winning several Asian Championships, the passion for motocross contaminates that of music., in particular with the publication of the first EP “250” and the last one, “Cuore Motore”. The world of racing represents the common thread of the tracks and the ideal setting on which to merge different styles and approaches. Additionally, the first extract from this album, “Holeshot”, was chosen by FXAction as the theme song for the Prestige motocross championship.


Ryan O’Conner got into rap when he was 17 years old. In 2014, he began his musical journey by releasing “Italia Mixtape,” a 10-track project, followed by the singles “Interstellar” and “Dornoland.” Only a year later “250 EP” was released, with productions by Valerio Tucci and Undici, in addition to the collaboration on the main song with Rid3r. Also in 2015, the artist released the single “DDF” in collaboration with Rhyme, followed by “HNDRX” produced by Davide Maze. In 2019 he released “Fortnite” (produced by Dome) which preceded the album “Prequel”. In 2021, Ryan released a single in collaboration with Posaman, “Sparo Piombo”, and then began his journey as a producer and released the freestyles “Nuova Season 2”, “Cosa Guardi” and “Dettagli”. His latest EP, released in July 2023, is titled “Cuore Motore” and was presented in Dorno during the Sagra Del Gas, the most important motocross rally in Italy.

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