At the Teatro delle Arti in Gallarate I Croods 2 for a Sunday with the family


the Croods 2 at the theater of the arts

If the Croods were certain they were the only family on Earth, in the sequel The Croods 2 – a new era (directed by Joel Crawford) will have to change their mind: Hip and his family of Neanderthals will know the superiors.

The film will be screened at the Teatro delle Arti in Gallarate Sunday October 10, at 16.

The plot

The Croods 2 is the second chapter on the family of Neanderthal men struggling with a thousand adventures in the bestial Prehistory. In this new chapter they will set out on a journey to find a place they can call home and after a long journey they find themselves in front of a magnificent place, which is just right for them. Too bad that the Croods will have to deal with a rival clan, the Superior, who already inhabit those areas. This family, made up of the father Filo, the mother Speranza and the young daughter Aurora, are more evolved and consequently better than the prehistoric Croods. The Superior, in fact, have a tree house, ingenious objects and tools, cultivated land and rich in crops.


Although at the beginning the Superiors decide to welcome the Croods together, after a short time the tension grows between the two families and a clash ensues. But an external threat will unite them on an adventure, in which they will have to rely on each other to emerge victorious.

In the cast of the film they return Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone And Catherine Keener to lend the original voices respectively to Grug, Guy, Hip And Ugga; while among the ranks of the Bettermans the voices of Peter Dinklage And Leslie Mann.


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