at the top of the hill the meeting of more than 500 cyclists –


A new great success of participants obtained the 2021 edition of the cycle-climbing to the Lamb’s pass, held on Sunday 5 September in the upper Varaita Valley.

“L’Agnel 2744” has in fact now become an unmissable sporting event at the end of the summer.

Also this year the sporting event enjoyed a double promotion by the Italian and French media: it was in fact also the 34th round of Cols réservés, a circuit organized by the Département des Hautes Alpes et Provence, reserved only for cyclomers.

As many as 230 French cyclists went up from the French side to meet the more than 300 bikers who braved the most daring ramps on the Italian side.

On the sunny hill, fog at times but above all a great desire to reach the finish line and photograph yourself with the Italo-French memorial stone behind and the large panels with the inscription Colle dell’Agnello to testify the successful undertaking.

The event organized by the Valle Varaita mountain union in collaboration with the Vigor Cycling Team and the Mattio di Piasco workshops collects new interest and subscriptions every year.

Among the participants there were runners from Asti, Alessandria, Pavia, Forlì, Grosseto, Alassio, Genoa, Turin and Milan and also a couple from Vienna. Many from the Province of Cuneo.

The president of the mountain union is very satisfied, Silvano Dovetta: “ORevery year we turn the spotlight on our cross-border Alpine crossing with an event dedicated to him, but we constantly work with our offices on more articulated European projects of enhancement, between Italian and French partners.


The rise of the Lamb is becoming an essential requirement in the curriculum of every good cyclist. The altitude, the length and the slope and the growing importance also on a tourist level make it a true icon of the Varaita Valley “.

The councilor of the mountain union Stefania Dalmasso, di Piasco, carried the flag of Saluzzo-Monviso 2024 by bike up to the hill, symbol of an impressive work of territorial aggregation in support of the candidacy of the vast area around Monviso as the capital of culture, in 2024.

This year the event has been awarded the “Granda Green-Sustainable Event” brand, issued by the Cuneo Chamber of Commerce for the good environmental practices adopted in the promotion phase and in progress: first of all the choice to support an ecological event on two wheels, a low-impact paper promotion and on social networks, the location all outdoors with the splendid views of the mountains between Italy and France, compostable materials, separate waste collection.

In this regard, we have collected a comment from the President of the Chamber of Commerce Mauro Gola: “We must work, all together, for a greener and more sustainable world. An event like this, which involves athletes from all over Italy and France, plays an important role in the path towards sustainability by directing the community towards increasingly green behaviors.

Innovation and sustainability are self-sustaining: it is essential to transform oneself to grow in a sustainable way“.

At the end of the event, thanks to the Municipality of Pontechianale, the volunteers of the Proloco di Chianale, the Carabinieri of the Casteldelfino station, the staff of the Cicli Mattio, the Red Cross of Melle who guaranteed assistance with two ambulances.

We also thank the sponsors who are sensitive to the initiative every year: Acqua Eva from Paesana, the Valverbe company from Melle, the Cradel from Villanovetta, the Albifrutta Cooperative from Costigliole Saluzzo, the Dolci Idee bakery from Pontechianale.


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