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The Atlas will have ‘personal brand’ for your visit to the Gallos Blancos del Querétaro this weekend, as the local police already have the operational security for before, during and after the match corresponding to Matchday 3 of the Clausura 2023.

The Foxes will have security during the 24 hours that they are in Queretaro, since they will be escorted at all times by the local, state and private security police, to guarantee the security of the campus, and avoid problems such as those of March 5, 2022, which was an authentic barbarism that they experienced at the Corregidora Stadium.

What happened between Querétaro and Atlas?

This weekend will be the first time Atlas go back to Queretarosince his last visit –march of 2022– was marked by a camp battle between the fans of both clubs, which went around the world, as there were injuries and arrests, and marked a before and after in Liga MX due to the violence experienced in the stands of La Corregidora.

What will the security device be like?

For this duel Atlas will have police support from their entry into the state of Querétaro, at the height of the Milpillas booth, and they will not detach until they return to Jalisco soil.

“Obviously because of the rival it has raised a bit of expectations, however, telling them that noeither we have spared nothing at all to do with the strategy around sports and massive shows. Is a operational that we have been doing on a recurring basis with 3 safety ringswith a lot of presence before, during and after the event,” Iovan Pérez Hernández, Secretary of Citizen Security in Querétaro, assured local media.

After entering Querétaro, the local police will accompany to the athletic bus to his hotel of concentration and there it will remain until the next day, when the Foxes head towards the Corregidora Stadium.

“We have the same conditions again, it is still at the door closea. However, we have not skimped on any issue regarding security.”

“We obviously have surveillance from boothswe have 3 security rings around the perimeter of the stadium, we have important coverage in the visiting team’s hotel, accompaniment before and after the game,” Pérez added.

They will be a total of 400 items those who take care of security at all times, and after the duel, the escort will accompany the Atlas truck until the exit from the State, to conclude the security plan.

“(There are) a significant number of public servants working on these games and it’s going to come out very okno. Nearly 400 elements (they will be vigilant), made up of municipal and state police and private security, but beyond the quantity, the design and the operational how it will be managed and supervised will make this come to fruition”, commented Iován Pérez.

The foxes They are expected the Saturday in the afternoon and also the Guadalajara club already had talks with the MX League and the Gallos Blancos board of directors to talk about security.

At first it was thought that the red and black They will arrive by air to avoid further exposure, but in the end it will be in bus.

“In all the games that the visiting team has come, we have worked the same dynamics, the operation has been very similar, and we are generating the conditions for all come out in the best way”, expressed the public servant.

Since that March 5, 2022, Querétaro plays behind closed doors, its directive was vetoed and the sale of the franchise was also requested. Next month (and a few days) the year of punishment will be fulfilled and fans will be able to access the Corregidora.

That duel it Atlas won (1-0) with a goal by Julio César Furch, but it was discontinued by row that culminated in the field; Liga MX gave the Guadalajara victory at the table 2-0 and also the already known punishments.

Atlas gets this Sunday at 5:00 p.m. to the Corregidora Stadium to play the matchday 3 match against Querétaro.

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