Atlético San Luis responds to the rumors of Germán Berterame to Club América

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The MX League continues its pace, and one of the teams that has given the most supresas is the America clubfirst with a fairly poor and painful start to the tournament, to later rise from its own ashes and go from the bottom of the general table, to being a contender to stay with one of the first four positions that give direct entry to the Quarter finals of the MX League. However, it is clear that there must already be important planning for the next semester, where the arrival of proven soccer players who do perform in Coapa. Such is the case of German Berteramefront of Athletic Saint Louis what interests in the coffers bluecream.

Although Berterame would be a great item for Eagles Given the Henry Martin and Federico Vinas do not finish establishing themselves as headlines, the potosinos They plan to make the most of his contract, and even negotiate a renewal with him so that he continues with the rojiblancos. This was reported by Higinio Robles, announcing through his account Twitter The words of Severiano Garciadirector of Athletic Saint Louis.

Sales to Club America

It is no secret that the other clubs in the MX League usually see the set of Coapa as the perfect opportunity to earn significant sums of money with the sales of your players. However, things are no longer as before, and Emilio Azcarraga does not easily loosen the portfolio, so there must be a well-directed negotiation so that the budget is not spent again on elements that today are being owed.

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