Atlus advances ‘several announcements’ of unannounced games this 2023: Is Persona 6 coming?

The creators of Persona and Shin Megami Tensei confirm that they are working on more than one new project for this year

Those who know me will know that I am a big fan of Atlus. Actually, I haven’t played that many games from this company either, but I did discover that in 2021 Persona 5 Royal And after I finished it, it automatically became my favorite game of all time, by far. So there I decided to discover more titles from the company and now I hope with a desire that I did not have before games like person 6 either Project Re:Fantasy.

The difference between the two mentioned games is that Project Re:Fantasy is announced, while of person 6 nothing is known. yes somehow Atlus confirmed over a year ago that they were working on Persona 6 but it was not advertised as such. And now there are more than enough reasons to think that they will be announced this year. And that, in addition, it is not the only project in which they work.

Atlus will reveal several games in 2023

Well, the same thing has been echoed by the colleagues of VGC reading a New Year card from Atlus what Famitsu shared:

  • In this letter, the company thanks you for the support your games have had this year (Persona 5 Royal, Soul Hackers 2, etc) 🙏
  • However, what is interesting comes when they mention that, with a view to 2023, they are preparing “various unannounced game announcements. Please stay tuned!” ❗️
  • It turns out that in 2019 they shared a similar comment; that year they announced Persona 5 Royal, Persona 5 Strikers and more ✌️

Come on, there are reasons to think that this year is coming persona 6 announcement, especially since this new installment is already playing. Yes, they could surprise with some remake of Persona 3, for example…

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