Atopic dermatitis is more common in industrialized countries

atopic dermatitis It is more common in most industrialized countrieswhere the hygiene of its inhabitants is serious and skin flora is depletedAnd less common in agricultural countries such as China, rural Africa and Central Asia, as explained by Maria Luisa Zubiri, dermatologist at the HLA Montpellier clinic.

About 15 lakh people in the state are suffering from atopic dermatitisOne of the most common skin diseases that affects the population all ages,

Prevalence of this type of dermatitis developed countries oscillates between 15 to 30%, 60% of cases are diagnosed before the patient turns one year old and about 85% of cases are diagnosed before the age of five.

Increase in the number of affected people

Similarly, in the last three decades also double and even triple The number of patients affected, which is a significant public health problem global scale.

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by dry, eczematous, erythematous plaques on extensive areas of the cheeks and extremities, accompanied by intense itching that induces scratching. These sores can become superinfected with bacteria and herpes viruses.

On the occasion of International Atopic Dermatitis Day, observed on September 14, Zubiri highlighted the importance of “hygienic measures to care for the disease”.

hygiene measures

“It is recommended to use Soap-free bath gel or bath oil for babies, Baths or showers should not be for short periods of time and with very hot water, otherwise the dermatitis will worsen. it is recommended Apply an emollient cream to the entire body immediately after bathing with almost damp skin, Clothes it should preferably be Cotton, Avoid woolen and synthetic clothesUse light colors Like white or beige. It is also recommended Do not add fabric softenerBecause it sticks to clothes and usually has a fragrance, which is irritating, and Do not use cologne or perfume, especially on children“The dermatologist explained.

In addition to these recommendations, you should use corticosteroid ointment The doctor suggests depending on the location of the lesions, especially as they grow or when they are accompanied by itching. This treatment will be used for five or seven days, especially at night. Creams derived from calcineurin can also be used, avoiding the use of corticosteroids, although they are less effective in controlling itching, but can prevent the appearance of outbreaks.

As for advice for patients whose condition is even worse, Zubiri points out that “No one should feel hopeless when faced with the disease, they should.” consult a specialist doctor That will indicate appropriate treatment.”

“For severe cases of atopic dermatitis in which the patient also presents with Dream, biological treatments are used that are very effective, especially to control itching. As for drawbacks, these treatments cost very high, require stringent controls and some are immunosuppressive,” they concluded.

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