Attacks in Ciudad Juárez: Who are the murdered in Chihuahua?

The August 11armed men provoked at least six fires at convenience stores and gas stations Juarez CityChihuahuaafter the brawl recorded in the Ceres number 3 which left at least three inmates murdered.

Due to these violent events that caused fear in society, 11 people were killed; between them two women They were in a convenience store that they set on fire.

One of the most violent attacks occurred around 4:30 p.m. on August 11 at an Oxxo chain store, located on Hiedra and Cártamo streets in the Infonavit Juárez Nuevo neighborhood, a very central area of ​​Ciudad Juárez, when a group of armed men stormed the scene and threw a homemade bomb, which started a fire.

Data collected from the municipal police indicate that the victims are an employee of the establishment who was pregnant and a young woman who went looking for a job and was being interviewed.

The State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) of Chihuahua reported that identified five of the 11 people who were murdered in Ciudad Juárez. We tell you a little about who the victims are since they dedicated themselves.

Yovani Varo went out to collect his salary, but was killed

Yovani Varo Otaño22, left her home in Chiltepec, Oaxaca; However, the young man never thought that moving to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, would be a death sentence: a bullet took his life during the attacks that criminal groups carried out against civilians.

The young man, who studied nursing at Conalep, was a worker in a steel factory where vehicle harnesses are made; Before, in his hometown, he used to sell tamales with his mother.

Juarez City

The situation of Yovani’s family got complicated almost two years ago; In addition to covid, one of his 13-year-old sisters was diagnosed with leukemia, so the young man decided to seek better luck in Chihuahua.

Miriam Alemán, Yovani’s cousin, explained that the young man was on the street at the time of the attack because he was going to collect his salary.

Alan González, Radio Switch announcer, murdered in pizzeria

Four employees of the radio station Switch 105.9 FM, including announcer Alan González, were shot to death outside a pizzeria after making a broadcast during the attacks in Ciudad Juárez.

In videos that have been shared on social networks, it is observed when the criminals They arrived at said business and without saying a word, they shot at the victims.


Alan González was an announcer for the Switch 105.9 FM station, one of the best-known voices in Chihuahua. Alan González has worked in said radio group for eight years.

Five people identified

The Chihuahua Prosecutor’s Office reported that five people were identified, after dying during the attacks and fires in Ciudad Juárez.

These are the people who died:

  • María del Refugio Gómez Ramírez, 54 years old
  • Saira Janet de Santiago Castro, 18 years old
  • Jose Manuel Balderas Ruiz, 54 years old
  • Kevin Alan Campos Aguilera (Inmate)
  • Raul Abraham Sepulveda Olivas (Convict)

‘Los Mexicles’, the gang linked to attacks in Ciudad Juárez

The Mexicans They are a local gang that serves as the armed wing of the Sinaloa cartel. Among their ranks it is common to find deported migrants and Mexican-American citizens who can easily cross the border carrying weapons or drugs. They are dedicated, among other things, to murder, extortion, drug trafficking operations -mainly inside prison-, scavenging, kidnapping and vehicle theft at the orders of the cartel.

Documents from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration, for its acronym in English) ensure that most gang members do not achieve the sophistication of a cartel and that they remain at the retail level of drug trafficking, unlike transportation, wholesale drug manufacturing or cultivation.

Various US security agencies such as the DEA itself or the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) maintain that Los Mexicles currently have an alliance with the Sinaloa cartel to combat gangs that do business with the cartel. from Juarez.


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