Attention Cubans: informative note from ETECSA

Attention Cuban clients of the Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) of the island announced some changes in an informative note on the current situation, due to the electrical effects and the passage of Hurricane Ian.

In this statement they point out that “taking into account the effects caused by the passage of Hurricane Ian and the energy contingency situation in the country, we inform customers”

-The date of payment of the telephone bill and the monthly fee for Nauta Hogar is extended, so both services will not be disconnected.

-The hours associated with the Nauta Hogar account that have not been consumed will be additionally recharged to your account during the first days of October.

-Adjustments will be made in the fixed telephony bill in correspondence with the time of affectation of the service.

Other ETECSA information this week

Previously they had specified that the work of recovery of telecommunications services in some territories affected by the storm continued.

“Cleaning and restoration tasks are being carried out on cables and more than 1,200 poles affected by the force of the winds and falling trees,” reads the note.

They explained that more than 100,000 fixed services were interrupted by the meteorological event, representing 15% of the total telephone lines of the five provinces that were under the influence of the hurricane.

On the other hand, they pointed out that “the national energy situation directly affects the operation of radio bases and cabinets, so the mobile service and a part of the fixed telephony will be restored as the electricity supply resumes” .

“At the close of this information, the impact reported for this concept is 40% of the total number of radio base sites and 7% of the country’s telephone services. Our local and support forces are working to shorten outage times.”

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