Auction the shirt that Lionel Messi wore with PSG against Cristiano

The clash between PSG and the Saudi Arabian star team, the same one in which they were part Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo left positive feelings in football fanswho perhaps for the last time could enjoy the clash between the two great footballers who have been at the top in the last 15 years.

Said confrontation did not disappoint, since so much Messi like Cristiano they managed to score for their respective teams and increased the individual figures in heads-up after 37 clashes between the two.

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A fact that the fans of Lionel Messi and PSG caught their attention was the new clothing that the Parisian club used in this matchreason for which the current monarch of France held an auction.

in bliss auction included the shirt that Lio Messi he used during the 60 minutes he was in the game and through the official PSG site the details were released for those interested in acquiring the shirt who was part of this historic duel that could mean the last one against Cristiano Ronaldo.

In a matter of hours, the shirt of the world champion Argentine star reached unimaginable bids. Currently, the largest amount offered has reached $25,907, However, it is expected that this figure will continue to increase and the winner of the clothing will keep it in exchange for a million-dollar amount.

It should be noted that The auction started at $215, however, over time the figure has increased until it currently reaches almost $26,000.

The auction will be active until next Saturday, January 28, when the winner of the shirt with which Messi collided for the last time against the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player will be announced.

The millionaire auction for the shirt that Messi wore against Cristiano


The jersey that Lionel Messi wore in the match against Riyadh Seasons was put up for an official auction by PSG.PSG WEBSITE

Where will the proceeds from the Lionel Messi jersey auction go?

On the official site that leads the auction of the items used by the Paris Saint Germain players, it is specified that the money obtained will be used with the aim of continuing the development and growth of the club and will be used for future projects, which were not specified.

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