Auronplay is encouraged to start with London Eye in its final season of GTA

We have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to meet first, the good one? Well there it goes: Auronplay will enter the London Eye from start. We will have you at the beginning of the server. If you’re not there on the first day, it won’t take long to hit the streets of London.

A few weeks ago, the streamer commented live that he did not know when he was going to enter the server. He was saturated with series and the role play. QI wanted to let some time pass. With the small delay in the opening of doors, Auron has finally been encouraged to participate practically from the beginning. We still don’t have a date, but that “in April” mentioned is the same one that Jacky told us on our! Live on Twitch and that he has confirmed on networks.

Auronplay has published its decision on Twitter, although along with it is the bad news that we talked about at the beginning: the streamer will participate in the London Eye in his final season in GTA.

You have read it well. The Catalan has no intention of role-playing much more after London. At least he won’t in Grand Theft Auto. We imagine that in series like TortillaLand your presence is assured. Some of you will say: “of course, if Tortilla is yours”. Effectively. As is the London Eye.

However, Auron’s literal words are “final season in GTA“. The doors have not been closed to anything in Minecraft or any other video game. Of course, we must not raise our hands to our heads, since we are sure that he will surprise us with various proposals throughout the year.

In fact, we have the project with The Panas and we could already see his first video with Byyin, Perxita, Reborn, 8cho and Axozer. On March 23 we will know what it is about.

There are several streamers that they have expressed in the same terms. The last to do so was John Guarnizo, one of those also confirmed for the London Eye. The Mexican spoke of saturation and admitted that he was only going to be in two more series in the remainder of the year. Surely, London will be one of them.

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