Austin Butler returns to ‘The Vandal Club’ with Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy

a year after their performance Elvis Presley, Austin Butler is back in the new film written and directed by Jeff NicholsTopic “Vandals Club,

Based on real events, the film tells the story of the formation and growth of a motorcycle club through its memories cathyA woman who immerses herself in this world after falling in love pigtailPlayed by a young motorcyclist Servant,

Follows the development of the plot Uncultured Over the course of a decade, starting as a local club of outsiders united by fun, loud motorcycles, and respect for their leader, boy,

over the past few years, cathy She struggles to deal with her husband’s indomitable nature and her loyalty to Johnny, feeling competition for her husband’s attention. pigtail, As life becomes more dangerous among the Vandals and the club is in danger of becoming more sinister, cathy, pigtail And boy They are forced to make decisions that will test their loyalty to the club and each other.

Main cast also included jodie comer And Tom Hardy, Furthermore, they participate mike fistBoyd Holbrook, Norman ReedusMichael Abbott Jr. damon herriman and Michael Shannon, who have already collaborated on other films Nichols,

,Vandals Club“, Is known “bike riderIn its original English title, is scheduled for release usa On December 1st, although there is a specific release date latin america,

(tagstotranslate)Divergent | Austin Butler returns to the world of entertainment in “The Vandal Club” with Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy

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