Austin Butler turned down the opportunity to use a crane for Dune 2


Austin Butler denied his Dune 2 skull to avoid starring in Biker Men.

Austin Butler put his Dune 2 skull to the test to find out what his characters in the movie Biker Boys look like.

The Elvis actor played mothar Benny Bauer in Biker Boys as Feyd-Rauth’s mechanic in Dune 2, and it came to fruition when two tournaments took place instead of dates, and three times he didn’t cause problems.

Developer Jeff Nichols explained to the Hollywood Reporter: “We had a conversation and he said, ‘Ecoute, mec, tu dois faire ce que tu as à faire.’ This is Dune 2. Dune – Favorite Movies of the Month for 2021. And by the way, this is a battle for a purpose. This is not the case when I called Denis Villeneuve so that he could say: “If you touch, you won’t be able to part la tête.” Austin crashed to avoid him breaking the faucet and was delighted. »

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