Austin Butler’s perfume is called MYSLF and it is by Yves Saint Laurent

YSL Beauty reveals all the secrets of Austin Butler’s favorite perfume: MYSLF. Its history, its fragrance, its creators, its ingredients, its design… everything, even its launch campaign.

It became official a month ago. Actor Austin Butler was named the international ambassador of YSL Beauty. A very important role for a cinema icon who, at the age of 32, has already collaborated with great directors of the seventh art such as Jim Jarmusch or Quentin Tarantino. The Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee for his role as Elvis now only has to play himself for YSL Beauty. In fact, this is the name of the perfume that Austin Butler represents: MYSLF.

All About Austin Butler's Favorite Perfume: MYSLFLaunch the campaign for MYSLF, Austin Butler’s new perfume that can also be yours, on the brand’s website.

Austin Butler’s Perfume, MYSLF by YSL Beauty What is the fragrance concept?

Like any house release, MYSLF also features Yves Saint Laurent. Everything begins with a reflection of Him: “Now I know that the most important encounter in life is the encounter with yourself, This thinking has created a generational sense of authenticity and exclusivity that manifests itself in a unique masculine fragrance: MYSLF. I myself, I myself. A name that is more than a set of letters where unintelligible vowels are left out. It is a tribute to the man who inspires everything, Yves Saint Laurent, with the initials of his name being read exactly as MYSLF. Its reading is also high. You may have already guessed one of them for yourself: my ysl fragrance, Let’s continue to discover curiosities about Austin Butler’s new men’s perfume.

All About Austin Butler's Favorite Perfume: MYSLFAmerican actor Austin Butler, image of YSL Beauty’s new men’s fragrance, MYSLF. Get it at this link

The men who have inspired YSL Beauty, from Yves Saint Laurent to Austin Butler.

As you well know, Yves Saint Laurent was the protagonist of the House’s first men’s fragrance:Yves Saint Laurent for Homme. Who can forget that legendary image from 1971 where the great fashion creator was depicted naked. Without clothes, but with his famous large-rimmed glasses, and, perhaps, scented with his own scent. The advertisement, accompanied by a photograph signed by Jeanloup Sieff, was accompanied by the following testimonial from the designer: “For three years, this eau de toilette has been mine. Now it can be yours too.” Since then, important names in culture have embodied the brand’s values: Lil Nas Always a man of reference for new generations. And now, the actor Austin Butler,

All About Austin Butler's Favorite Perfume: MYSLFImages of the new Yves Saint Laurent men’s fragrance bottle. Get it on the House website

MYSLF is a modern manhood fragrance that combines floral and woody notes.

MYSLF, Austin Butler’s perfume, redefines masculinity An innovative fragrance created by two men and one woman perfumers, It combines soft white petals with a fresh and vibrant opening, balanced by woody notes. This bold approach challenges gender conventions and celebrates diversity in men’s fragrances. Khushboo’s heart is orange flower, penis liquid flower Which provides a soft and sensual sensuality. Fresh bergamot and Tunisian orange blossoms blend together to create a bright and floral scent, Woody Base Notes, add warmth and depth, with Indonesian patchouli and Ambrofix™. MYSLF symbolizes the true essence of yourself in a bottle. This is YSL Beauty’s first floral and woody fragrance, A masculine perfume that challenges any gender stereotypes with elegance.

All About Austin Butler's Favorite Perfume: MYSLFAustin Butler with his new favorite perfume, MYSLF by YSL Beauty. It could be yours too

Austin Butler’s new perfume from the master perfumers behind MYSLF

One woman and two men, three distinguished perfumers: Daniela Andrier, Christophe Renaud and Antoine Masondieu. Daniela Andrier It is known to bring elegance and poetry to its fragrances. He was the brains behind MYSLF, inspired by his visit to Tangier and Yves Saint Laurent’s presence in the Moroccan city. Christophe Renaud, Famous for her talent of creating powerful, long lasting and memorable scents like mine. antoine massondieuGivaudan’s main perfumer, far from cliché, stands out for his exploration of simplicity and his contemporary vision of masculinity. Together, These perfumers gave life to MYSLF With passion and experience, challenging traditions in men’s perfumery.

All About Austin Butler's Favorite Perfume: MYSLFAustin Butler’s new perfume, MYSLF by Yves Saint Laurent. You want this?

Ingredients of YSL Beauty’s first woody floral fragrance

MYSLF redefines masculinity with premium materials created for Yves Saint Laurent. These ingredients are processed with advanced technologies to extract their essence. Each plays a central role in Austin Butler’s perfume:

1- Seville Orange Blossom: Grown in Tunisia, they bloom in the nebula, they are part of the full heart of the orange blossom, providing richness and freshness.

2- Heart of Italian Bergamot: It comes from Calabria, Italy, and becomes a sophisticated heart of bergamot that balances citrus with floral and aromatic.

3- Lavender Diva Heart of France: Grown in Provence, its fresh heart is combined with clary sage and Bourbon geranium to create a clean, refreshing scent.

4- Heart of Clary Sage from Provence: The intense clary sage of Provence provides the herbal and floral notes at the heart of MYSLF.

5- Geranium Bourbon Heart of Madagascar: This special extract from Madagascar offers herbal and minty notes as well as floral intensity and fruity notes.

These ingredients form the essence of MYSLF, a fragrance that challenges the norms of modern masculinity with elegance and authenticity.

All About Austin Butler's Favorite Perfume: MYSLFActor Austin Butler himself stars in the launch campaign for MYSLF, the new fragrance for men by Yves Saint Laurent.

Bottle design for Austin Butler’s new perfume MYSLF by Suzanne Dalton

Suzanne Dalton tries to reflect sensual and powerful masculinity, in line with the innovative vision of YSL. MYSLF is a totem that radiates its own aura. A statement of elegance and modernity Reflects Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in luxury perfumery, The bottles and boxes are recyclable, contain recycled glass and are FSC™ MIX certified. Additionally, the Eau de Parfum is 100% refillable, which significantly reduces the use of packaging materials and resources. In short, a masterpiece of clean lines and subtle details. Its long and slim silhouette combines elegance and aerodynamics Iconic YSL Cassandre Design Cast in glass. Quite a technical achievement.

All About Austin Butler's Favorite Perfume: MYSLFAustin Butler’s new perfume, MYSLF by YSL Beauty. Do you want it to be yours too?

Launch campaign for Myself, Austin Butler’s fragrance by Julia Ducournau and Gray Sorrenti

MYSLF’s launch film is an exciting cinematic encounter that brings together two talented and award-winning youth. Austin Butler, the influential hero of “Elvis” And one of the most prominent actors of his generation, he embodies the new masculinity that MYSLF represents. Known for her bold, unfiltered visual style, Julia Ducournau, winner of the Palme d’Or for “Titan” And one of the most promising directors of her generation, directs the campaign, her first advertising project.

All About Austin Butler's Favorite Perfume: MYSLFActor Austin Butler in his first role for Yves Saint Laurent’s new men’s fragrance, MYSLF. you too too

The film presents Austin Butler with different aspects of his identity., An invitation to discover our most authentic self. Because, as Yves Saint Laurent said decades ago, “Being yourself is the greatest act of courage.” An idea that the American actor makes his own and takes it even further with this powerful statement: “I am myself, no matter what.”, A phrase that shows confidence. The certainty of someone who knows authenticity lies within him.

All About Austin Butler's Favorite Perfume: MYSLFMYSLF, Yves Saint Laurent’s first floral and woody men’s perfume. The New Masculinity Scent, Do You Want It?

The one chosen to photograph Austin Butler is another young talent, Gray Sorrenti, Daughter of the artists, Marie Fay and Mario Sorrenti, at the age of 23 she signs important campaigns and it is not the first time that she shares her vision with Yves Saint Laurent. Taken together, the MYSLF campaign, Celebrates the authenticity and diversity of the new modern masculinityChallenging stereotypes and allowing every person to express themselves with courage and confidence.

MYSLF by YSL Beauty, the new Austin Butler perfume that can now be yours too

MYSLF Launch Campaign Film with Austin Butler, YSL Beauty’s New Men’s FragranceAnd

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