Australia’s absurd excuse to kick Djokovic out

I don’t mean an illegal immigrant. But imagine what would have happened if instead of Novak Djokovic there had been another ordinary person, obviously vaccinated. Think what would have happened if Vladimir Putin had communicated to the world that the presence of a harmless athlete could “pose a risk to the health of the community” and “lead to a surge in civil unrest”. All hell would have broken out: throngs of progressives, human rights defenders, civilians and sportsmen, freaks: all against the despot. If, on the other hand, the government of Australia behaves like this towards that bad guy No-vax Djokovic, well: then everyone shut up.

The Minister of Immigration of Camberra, Alex Hawke, has decided that Novak must not play the Australian Open. He canceled his visa, again, after a judge found the decision to stop him at the airport and lock him in a hotel under arrest wrong. The Australian government “justified” its decision with two incredible reasons:

1. first, that the unvaccinated Djokovic could be a “danger to the health of the communityà ”, when it is now clear even to children that no-vaxes are a danger only for themselves so much the virus spreads anyway;

2. second, that the tennis player could unleash “a surge of civil unrest“, Incomprehensible stuff: if anything, the opposite is true, that is, protests could exist if it were sent back home.

3. Djokovic, finally claims the executive, would encourage the “anti-vaccination sentimentAnd thus could dissuade Australians from the recall. So what? Does one have to be in favor of the vaccine to enter Australia? Doesn’t freedom of thought exist at those latitudes?

Now, given the evident non-existence of these theses, it can be easily deduced that in essence the Australian government is preserved the right to expel any unwelcome person. Legitimate, for heaven’s sake. Everyone is sovereign at home: if Australia doesn’t like blondes, no vax tennis players, left-handed curling players, let them kick them out. But that no one in the world raises his finger talking about the “rule of law”, well it is a bit strange. No?

Meanwhile, Novak has returned to the detention facility at the Park Hotel in Melbourne. After your visa cancellation appeal, your case will be heard in the Australian Federal Court. The hearing is scheduled for 9.30 local time, 23.30 in Italy. Three judges will put an end to the soap opera that is keeping the tennis world, and not only, glued to the TV.

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