Austria, how the lockdown for the No vax works: “Every citizen must expect controls”

In Austria which launched the lockdown for the unvaccinated the repeating scene is always the same. Today a tells it reportage de The print, which starts from a Vienna bar: a gentleman shows a medical certificate, gets angry because they don’t let him in, the waiters call the police. “It has already happened three times this morning,” Alexander Danet, the shop waiter, tells the newspaper. To enter you must be vaccinated or cured of Covid-19, nothing else. For this reason, now deniers, No vax and No Green pass can no longer frequent these clubs and others. No shops, bars, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, concerts, football matches. They can leave for work by showing a molecular swab. Or move to go shopping and for health reasons. Stop. “Vienna is emptier today,” says engineer Wolfang Mayer. «But that’s right. Anyone who endangers the health of others must remain under house arrest ».

The new Chancellor Alexander Shallenberg described the percentage of Austrians who received at least the first dose of the vaccine as “shameful”: 67% (in Italy, 87%). He explained that the threats served and the number of Austrians who went to be immunized increased. The measure affects 2 million Austrians out of 8.9 million. And the Interior Ministry Karl Nehammer announced the new course without too many words: «It can happen at any moment. It doesn’t matter where or when. Every Austrian citizen should expect to be checked by the police. ‘ The minister unleashed the 32,000 officers on duty with orders to ask for the vaccination certificate in any context. Every single public safety intervention will also include the question: are you vaccinated?

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