Authorities investigate alleged food poisoning in two schools in Boyacá

This March 6, the Secretary of Health of Boyacá, Luz Marina Estupiñán, announced that a series of investigations are being carried out on the intoxications that occurred in the municipal schools of Sáchica and Belén, on March 3 and 4.

The official told Caracol Radio that there were 16 children who were poisoned with food and had to be taken to the Villa de Leyva health centers “The children reported abdominal pain, vomiting and headaches from the Nueva Granada institution,” she said.

He also confirmed that the epidemiological surveillance team of the Secretary of Health of Boyacá carried out traceability to determine said intoxication.

The technical team travels to inspect the hygienic-sanitary situation in the place where the events occurred, background versions are verified where the directors and coordinators state that when classes start on March 3, in the morning hours, the children requested permission to be absent from the classrooms because they felt abdominal pain

Likewise, the authorities took samples from the dining room of the School Feeding Program (PAE) and gave a favorability rating greater than 77.5%, but they continue to track foods such as powdered milk, the same one that was served to intoxicated minors.

“We do not know specifically the real cause if it was the food consumed or the powdered milk, we are doing the traceability of previous events,” Estupiñán signed.

In addition, samples were taken of the water used to cook and the boiled water consumed by minors. For now, the children are recovering satisfactorily and have been discharged as they show improvement in their health.

The children who entered the social enterprise of the state of Villa de Leyva were recovered, receiving individual management, clinical support, they evolved and were discharged.

The media assured that 20 children from the Carlos Alberto Olano Valderrama Technical Educational Institution in Belén were taken to the doctor, but 150 reported stomach pains.

“We made a field visit by officials from the Ministry of Health where consumers were interviewed and it was shown that they do not report food accurately,” he said.

Intoxication in a National Police school

a emergency showed up at a National Police school in the department of Boyacá, after, without apparent explanation, Several young local students became ill and had to be transferred to emergency health centers.

The regional media Boyacá Siete Días learned of the most recent report from the authorities and it states that the number of intoxicated would already exceed 200 studentsbut they point out that some officers would have also gotten sick.

Apparently the emergency could have originated from the lunch they atebut that is not confirmed, because it could also have been the water, although this is less likely considering that no cases out of school. The truth is that those affected have abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea and even some reached a disorder”, pointed out a source from the institution to the regional media.

The first sick students showed up around 2:30 in the afternoon on Friday, November 19, when several of them told their superiors that they had a strong abdominal pain. Those in charge began to attend to the students of the Rafael Reyes school of the National Police, located in Santa Rosa de Viterbo.

However, minutes later the number of students presenting with the same abdominal pain increased considerably, causing the authorities to react quickly to what initially seemed like intoxication. Information that was confirmed when more students became ill.

To Noticias Caracol, the Secretary of Health of Boyacá, Jairo Santoyo, reported in the evening hours that “Up to now, we have treated about 35 women in the health center of the Municipality of Santa Rosa de Viterbo., all in stable condition. Of these 35 students from the Police School, we have already graduated 10″.


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