Authorities seek better conditions for Mexican doctors

They consider that attention to the needs of medical students in social service is essential to improve the quality of services

October 6, 2022. 9:28 a.m.

The Ministry of Health works on actions to make security, remuneration, psychological care and guidance in cases of sexual harassment of doctors in training more efficient. This was reported by the general director of Quality and Education in Health (DGCES), José Luis García Ceja, who participated in the Forum “The present and future of social service in Medicine”, organized by the Health Commission of the Senate of the Republic.

García Ceja clarified that attention to the needs of medical students in social service is essential to improve the quality of services.

The head of the DGCES explained that in the allocation of social service places, preference is given to places that guarantee security for this practice. In the event that the site does not meet the requirements or an event occurs that affects the doctor or the doctor in training, the place will be cancelled.

Increase the payment of scholarships to medical interns

The director also announced that a proposal was presented to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) to increase the amount of scholarships. Which are aimed at undergraduate students and interns in medicine, nursing and dentistry, among others.

This request was also shared with the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) and the Mexican Institutes of Social Security (IMSS) and ISSSTE. He explained that the objective of increasing scholarships is that health specialists can cover their basic needs. The foregoing regardless of the place where they provide their services, whether in the city or in a distant community.

They intend to reduce the number of hours in weekly guards

He also mentioned that on June 17, the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) published official standards for the organization and operation of medical residences in medical care establishments. With this, it will be possible to evaluate the use of establishments for medical care as clinical fields for clinical cycles and undergraduate internships for the degree in medicine. In addition, the official regulations establish the decrease in the number of hours on duty per week.

He also referred to the study carried out by the DGCES to identify cases of violence and sexual harassment in work environments during the training of human resources. He indicated that the National Suicide Prevention Program has a specific component to identify and address suicidal behavior in the medical profession.

He disclosed that the suicide rate in the medical community is higher than in the general population. This is due to “occupational stress” which is greater than that which exists in the different professions.

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