Autumn haircuts, inspired by the muses of the 90s

    If you are up to date with the fashion trends of the moment, you will know that the 90’s come back stomping this fall/winter 2022-23. And it is that this nostalgic time of the end of the century is experiencing one of its greatest ‘revivals’ to date, no matter how much the controversial trends of the 2000s are determined to confront it. So strong is this new ‘boom’ that the most ‘grunge’ styles are also present in the list of seasonal haircuts. In fact, the inspiration we received from some of the most recognizable muses of the moment.

    Are you looking for the perfect makeover to start the autumn renewed and you don’t know why trend haircut give up? We help you decide through some of the most iconic looks of the end of the 20th century.

    Fall Haircuts Inspired by 90s Icons

    The first step to succeed with your new haircut is to decide what length you are looking for: shorter, more similar to a medium length, completely long… Once you are clear about this aspect, you have to consider the different options that are proposed enhance your features. In other words, ask your stylist for an opinion so that, together, you can find a 100% flattering haircut. In In this sense, the presence, or not, of layers and bangs. Two of the elements that, in fact, characterized the fashion of the 90s and, of course, now. We recommend some of the most coveted styles in beauty salons and, all of them, inspired by your favorite ‘grunge’ muse.

    Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer’s shaggy cut

    The most sugar-cane girls surrender again, one more year, to the charms of the daring ‘shag’ cut. This, according to what they tell us from the Blondie room (Madrid), is a very 90s option and consists of “weathered maneswith a lot of movement and a lot of texture“.

    fall trend haircuts

    Rum Galella, Ltd.Getty Images

    In addition, it is an ideal haircut for girls with very smooth hair looking for that ‘extra’ volume’. Secondly, wavy and curly hair they will also benefit from its flattering effects.

    top model claudia schiffer poses during 77 tv show on october 15, 1995 in paris, francephoto by stephane cardinalesygma via getty images

    Stephane Cardinale – CorbisGetty Images

    The ‘bob cut’ cut inspired by Rachel Green and Monica Geller

    Or, rather, in Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox in his first episodes of ‘Friends’. It’s no surprise that the bob cut be the favorite one more year. His superpower? The versatility it offers and the ease with which it can be customized based on your traits. From Blondie they recommend it for “elongated faces or very marked features“, so you can create the most beautiful contrast.

    promotional portrait of american actor jennifer aniston for the television series, 'friends,' c 1995 photo by nbc televisiongetty images

    Getty ImagesGetty Images

    One of the most important aspects of authentic 90’s bob cut is the presence of layers. Layers that, as Jennifer Aniston wore at the time, provided that sense of movement and volume that you like so much again. On the other hand, and in case you are also considering the possibility of daring with one of the bangs trendCourteney Cox’s ‘bob’ proves to be another very good idea.

    courteney cox at the rhiga royal hotel in new york city, new york photo by jim smealron galella collection via getty images

    Jim SmealGetty Images

    Tyra Banks’ inward-pointing ‘clavicut’

    We end up with the most popular medium hair it’s from the season. Also called ‘clavicut’ because it falls more or less at the level of the clavicle, it is ideal for clean up the tips without risking a very abrupt change. In addition, it is a perfect cut to style with the tips inwardsas proposed by Chanel for this fall/winter.

    tyra banks photo by ron galellaron galella collection via getty images

    Rum GalellaGetty Images

    For a more ‘teenager’ feel, add a long, messy bangs like the one the model was wearing at the time.

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