Autumn in New York / Richard Gere and Winona Ryder will make us cry (Rai 3)


Autumn in New York, film directed by Joan Chen

Autumn in New York it goes on air on Rai 3 today, 12 September 2021, starting from 2.30pm. It is a 2000 film that was distributed by Medusa Film and directed by Joan Chen, actress, director and screenwriter. Among her latest works as an actress we mention: XIU XIU, Ava, 24 City and Mao’s Last dancer as director directed XIU XIU and Autumn in New York also has the screenplay for XIU XIU.

In the cast we find Richard Gere, in 47 years of career he has interpreted 49 films and 1 TV series. In the eighties he became a sex symbol thanks to the American Gigolò film, his masculinity is enhanced in an Officer and a Gentleman. The actor rides the wave of success in 1990 when Pretty woman comes out at the cinema alongside Julia Roberts, the two find themselves back on the set a few years later in If you run away you marry.

His talent was rewarded in 2002 when he participated in the musical Chicago and won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical. In the 1980s, all the covers of the most important gossip and fashion magazines were dedicated to him and to Cindy Crawford, the model’s top model but also the actor’s wife. During his career he won 1 David di Donatello as best foreign actor for Days of Heaven and got 5 nominations.

The female protagonist is Winona Ryder, in 35 years of career she has interpreted 45 films and 2 TV series. She received 2 Oscar nominations for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Little Women and Best Supporting Actress for The Age of Innocence, for the same film in 1994 she won BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. In 1997 she is the protagonist of Alien: the cloning, her most recent films are: Destination wedding, Experimenter, Turks & Caicos.


Autumn in New York, the plot of the film

The protagonist of Autumn in New York is Will Kean played by Richard Gere, a well-known New York restaurateur and a 50-year-old playboy. He is the classic man who knows that women like him, who enjoys seducing them and then unloading them when the relationship becomes more demanding. His way of thinking and considering the female sex changes when along his path he runs into Charlotte Fielding.

The girl is barely twenty-five, half her age, but Will likes it, because her fresh youth and free spirit give him an emotional boost that electrifies him, she eager to experience new emotions, curious to live as an adult and he an adult eager to dive into Charlotte’s carefree world. During the girl’s birthday party, which is celebrated in Will’s club, the man is immediately attracted to her, and he indulges in his passion thinking that it is the usual sentimental story destined to end soon.

But none of this, Charlotte and Will are different, they live different generations and these differences in conceiving life only bring them closer. When Will reveals to the young woman that their relationship cannot last forever, Charlotte surprises him by replying that she too is aware that their relationship will come to an end sooner or later. In fact, the girl is suffering from a cardiac neuroblastoma and is aware that sooner or later she will have to leave this world. Although Charlotte’s grandmother isn’t happy with their story, she asks Will not to leave her granddaughter alone at such a delicate time for her.

The man is in difficulty, while the one who does not seem to care about the problem is the young woman who has now resigned herself to her fate. Will realizes that he is truly in love with Charlotte and tries to do the impossible to save her, such as asking for help from his daughter whose relationship is often stormy. The man manages to find a surgeon willing to operate on Charlotte, but the woman eventually dies. Will for the first time feels really alone, but his daughter comes to his aid, making him a grandfather.

Video, the trailer for the film “Autumn in New York”



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