Autumn manicures we copy from ‘celebrities’


With the advent of the new curriculum We abandon summer’s colorful designs Leaning towards neutral options and darker colors, in line with the climate of the coming months. As far as latest fashion ideas go, these are the gel nail designs you have to try. For the most courageous, nails art With which Rosalía has conquered the world in recent years, but there is no doubt that there are others Manicures that can inspire you this season, We collect some of them with seals famous person,

Jennifer Lopez

jlo With the beginning of the new season, once again the heavenly manicure with which it captivated us last autumn has arrived. has been selected A pearl finish design in light brown Which matches the jewelery and silver makeup she chose recently.

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Paula Echevarria

Paula EchevarriaWho connected with Margot Robbie this summer through her manicure barbiecore, has returned to the tone that best suits her and to which she has been faithful for many seasons. The actress usually opts for Opaque natural tone used as a base in French With a light white color and tends to be trusted by manicurists of premium eyelashes.


Marichler’s victory

Marichler’s victory She is a fan of short nails in a round shape and chose color 143 from Nails Factory Pozuelo. a very autumnal green fern that too at the same time Retains the vibrant brightness of most summer colors,


Christina Pedroche

Graphic and message manicures are currently in trend. This is what they chose to say goodbye to summer Christina Pedroche There is proof of this. The presenter now wears a simple pink base, on which she has drawn several waves, alluding to the uterine waves, which are also imprinted in the tattoo she recently got in honor of her daughter Lia. But that is not all!


host They saved their thumbnail to create the first letter of their first child’s name. After that a heart. All in a fine red line, as directed trend strawberry girl Look, Which has inspired Alice Campello to choose the following polishes.


Alice Campello

we told you inside hello! Recently: Alice Campello has covered manicures strawberry girl Of hailey bieber With the color that will triumph in autumn. And everything indicates that the garnet will be displaced to the detriment of the cherry tones, which are more vivid and bright, at least during the first quarter of the school year.


violeta mangrian

if you wish French manicure But if it seems too classic to you and you are looking for something more modern, we recommend you to go for this, because influential personlike for design baby boomerwhich is still a type of French manicure The line between white and base pink is blurredTo follow A gradient that matches all looks in your wardrobe And it is useful for everyday life, wedding or any special occasion.


Sydney Sweeney

one that matches any style The manicure with which Sydney Sweeney has decided to start a new course, A French on oval nails that is longer along the entire curvature of the nail and thicker than usual. Bella Hadid, Halle Berry, Camila Coelho and others celebrities He has also chosen this option.


chiara feragni

We finish with the manicure chiara feragniwho shows her through her photographs in the mirror. influential person remains loyal to the Italians barbiecore Which was revealed in the month of October last year and that is why she has got a manicure done. baby boomer Very attractive in fuchsia pink colour.

Which of the following is a stamped design famous person Does it fit you better? Do you dare to join any of them in this new school year?

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