Autumn of cinema: the most awaited premieres

We left behind a summer marked by a quartet movies The goal of attracting the public back to theaters –Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Mission: Impossible: Death Sentence Part 1, Oppenheimer And barbie -And comes an autumn semester full of premieres for all palates. However, one detail attracts attention: there are hardly any superheroes –aquaman and the lost empire Directed by James Wan -, because even the most coffee-loving people are beginning to get saturated with so much repetition Both digital multiverses. I’d say it’s time to reset the genre.

While some dates may still be pushed back, some premieres may be delayed and some may be added at the last minute, here’s a preview of the most promising things to come. It will be released in mid September mystery in venice, the third installment of Hercule Poirot reincarnated in Kenneth Branagh, who also directs this adventure with esoteric connotations in the city of canals. And at the end of the month, the creator, a promising science fiction film about the dangers of artificial intelligence; Directed by Gareth Edwards, whose previous film, Roger One: A Star Wars StoryWas, With its B-series broadcast, one of the most exciting proposals in the continuing galactic saga.

The second notable title in science fiction is rebel moon By Zack Snyder, a galactic epic in two parts (the first scheduled for December and the second for April 2024), produced by Netflix. In another genre, that of horror, now William Friedkin is the creator of the ExorcistA sequel is coming, Exorcist: BelieverDirected by David Gordon Green, who has been at the helm of the latest titles in the franchise Halloween, and Eli Roth will present Thank youWhich has been revealed in the fake trailer he directed for this project grindhouse by Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, In fact, this isn’t the first time this has happened, Rodriguez himself put out another fake trailer out there, for macheteWhich he later turned into an actual film.

But the most anticipated main dishes are the others. First of all, The Moon Killer -which will be released in October-, in which veteran Martin Scorsese revisits the dark underbelly of the United States through the true story of a wave of murders of members of the Osage Indian Nation who were discovered under oil. Their land. The second title that raises expectations is napoleon By Ridley Scott, starring Joaquin Phoenix. Stanley Kubrick spent years developing his own project about the character, following Abel Gance’s famous silent film, which he was never able to complete. Now it’s Ridley Scott who brings the Emperor to the screen, In a transformation that has already caused a stir among some French historians because of its atrocious profile.

Scott directed this blockbuster at the age of 85, but Scorsese is also in the club of octogenarians behind the camera, while Polanski, who is releasing comedies Palace At the Venice Festival (no date has yet been decided in Spain) he is already 90 years old. Could it be that 80 is the new 30 in the world of cinema, with even more octogenarian titles arriving this fall. With Ken Loach’s departure from cinema (87 years) old oak, another of his filmed pamphlets, in this case about a mining town. and Woody Allen (the same age as English), who will release the sentimental comedy stroke of luckFilmed in Paris with French actors and in French, Because it is still a plague in his country.

with napoleonThere are more biopics: goldaIsraeli Prime Minister Golda Meir with Helen Mirren, and Reading, about Lee Miller (played by Kate Winslet), Man Ray’s inspiration and model, who later became a photographer and war reporter. Besides, jean du barry, about a famous courtesan of Louis XV; He is played by Maven (who also directs) and Raja is played by Johnny Depp, two characters surrounded by scandals and controversies. And finally, TeacherDirected by and starring Bradley Cooper starring Leonard Bernstein and focusing on his troubled marriage to actress Felicia Montealegre (Carey Mulligan). Due to Bernstein’s bisexuality, among other things.

This last title is a Netflix production that is coming on strong this autumn, with titles that in some cases will go through theaters for a short time and then go to the platform. Veteran Swedish filmmaker Billy August helms the adaptation erenhard One of Isak Dinesen’s most famous stories; Grant Singer Presents Thriller reptile With Benicio del Toro and David Fincher killer, With Michel Fassbender. Finally, Chile’s Pablo Larraín offered his own symbolic version of the national poet. Neruda, Now he turns Pinochet into a vampire in black comedy count, Will not leave anyone indifferent.

Nor with the always flamboyant Todd Haynes secret of a scam, based on the true story of a thirty-year-old teacher (Julianne Moore) who fell in love with an underage student, whom she married. It also talks about tough love past life by Celine Song, a small film that has been acclaimed for its sensitivity wherever it has been released. In this case it tells the story of a child and a Korean girl who was separated when her family moved to Canada and reunited in the United States not long after.

We will also meet two legends of Italian cinema: with Nanni Moretti future sunIn which he addresses the problems of cinema based on the confrontation between a famous Italian director and his French producer, on the verge of economic and emotional bankruptcy. and Marco Bellocchio—another hyperactive octogenarian—, who later outer nightSeries about the kidnapping of Aldo Moro, presents historical drama ecstasy, about a Jewish boy who is taken from his family in 19th century Italy to live under the protection of the Pope. And with a famous French filmmaker: Michel Gondry solution bookAnother of his surreal stories, in this case focusing on a film director suffering from a crisis of creativity. The Finnish Aki Kaurismäki is also given to fables, but they are uninspired and stripped down., In fallen leaves, with which he won the International Jury Prize at the last Cannes Film Festival, tells the love story between a supermarket stocker and an alcoholic. and producing with Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Koreida DemonA new entry into the children’s universe, a realm in which they move around like a fish in water.

is, undoubtedly, the most anticipated thing in the field of Spanish cinema. close your eyes of the elusive Victor Aris, who had not made a feature film since quince sun In 1992. Considering that he is another octogenarian and that he tells the story of a film director who disappears without a trace, everything points towards a testamentary act. On the other hand, we have to see how Isabelle Coixet, a highly sentimental and aesthetic filmmaker, has approached the adaptation. one loveSnowy One of Sarah Mesa’s harshest and most powerful novels. Another notable title is the screen adaptation of softness By Alfredo Sanzol, one of the great successes of Spanish theater in recent times, with a story of the war of the sexes and love affairs of Shakespearean inspiration. WhyFor his part, adrenaline-inducing Daniel Calparasoro proposes all names of god A thriller with an Islamic attack and a hostage, starring Luis Tosar.

And some animated films: Fernando Trueba and Mariscal will collaborate again after this Chico and RitaWith another tape with jazz rhythms, they shot the pianistWhich uncovers the true story of Tenorio Jr., a young Brazilian musician killed in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the Argentine dictatorship. And the always surprising Pablo Berger – do you remember him snow White In silence and black and white?– Will present robot dreamsAbout the friendship of a dog and a robot, who he falls in love with at all the festivals he goes to.

Filming took place in Chile by Danish director Lon Scherfig, with Spanish co-production (and the presence of Coixet in the script and Antonio de la Torre in the cast). film tailorA story set in the Atacama Desert in the sixties, about a woman who narrates films to those who cannot afford tickets.

we will have comedy for christmas world’s worst team by Taika Waititi, which tells the true story of a Dutch coach (Michael Fassbender) who tries to teach the Samoan national team how to play football so as not to make a fool of themselves in the qualifying rounds for the 2014 World Cup. Apart from this, sports and goodroller Is Champions By Bobby Farrelly with Woody Harrelson, which is nothing but an American remake Champions By Xavier Facer. But the main course will undoubtedly be wonka by Paul King, a prequel that tells the beginning of Willy Wonka, the wacky chocolate maker created by Roald Dahl. On screen he has been given life by Gene Wilder in the seventies version and then by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s; Now it’s Timothée Chalamet’s turn.

And already in early 2024 more promising titles await: perfect day, the last vendors filmed in Japan; Bob Marley biopic directed by Renaldo Marcus Green; area of ​​interest by Jonathan Glazer, which adapts Martin Amis’s controversial novel about the Holocaust; poor creaturesThe New Madness of Greek Yorgos Lanthimos with Emma Stone; wise Guys By Barry Lewison, Robert De Niro again played the mobster; ferrari by Michael Mann with Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari; two girls runningEthan Coen’s solo black comedy, Now That the Brothers Are Split; The second part of the adaptation of dune By Denis Villeneuve, the bar is very high for the first timeAnd mickey 17Following Bong Joon-ho’s highly anticipated science fiction project parasite, With Robert Pattinson in the role of the robot.

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