Aux Solidays, a grave malaise, by the singer Adele Castillon, huée par le public, Jordan Bardella au cour du malentendu


Adele Castillon is an artist of many talents.

The young chant is sure to be evil to his public of Solidarity.

Adele Castillon denounces the allegations she has uncovered.


Adele Castillon is a multi-talented artist. A real touch to advertising, her hazy cinema in the style of music with new memories. She’s going to have to join with her duo Video Club où elle partageait l’affiche avec son compagnon de l’epoque Matthieu Reynaud. Once separated, the power button is packed into one holder. Premiere of the album Elle a d’ailleurs sorti son Plaisir Risk Dependence the last year.

Adele Castillon here at her concert

The young artist, part of the new French scene, constantly collaborates with one very Russian with rapper Gazo. In the presence of Solidays, where there is spirit, what is needed most is good reasons.

In fact, you can see that the singer has been copied by the Solidays public. The titles of the videos are effective for social networks. Sans que l’on sache vraiment pourquoi, The Gossip Who Started Carrying Toilet Paper alors qu’il ne s’agissait que d’une mise en scène de la chanteuse pour les son’s kisses prochain clip.

Rumors started by Jordan Bardella

In this pre-election period, three months later, the singer’s images were faisant siffler par le public du Solidays ont été bigment détournées. Bad intentions led him to conclude that this is the meaning ce rejet du public is a certain promiscuity between Adele Castillon and Jordan Bardella.

The singer should not be present at work for reform with fury on social networks. “These are people’s illnesses. I demanded that the photos of my video be publicly viewed”. Pour suivre avante “Before you start to cross the line, everything you do on the Internet.” A new demonstration of the power of disinformation in buildings.

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