Avatar 2: When does the most anticipated sequel to Disney Plus premiere?

Avatar will release its sequel in theaters after 13 years of the premiere of its first film, so many fans have begun to ask when it would be available on the Disney Plus streaming platform. In this note from El Popular we will tell you everything about the debut of James Cameron’s film on the digital service.

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When is Avatar 2 released in theaters?

The sequel to Avatar is scheduled to be released in all theaters worldwide on December 16 and is expected to have a greater success or similar to that of the first film made by James Cameron.

When will Avatar 2 premiere on Disney Plus?

the streaming platform Disney Plus He surprised everyone by removing the movie Avatar from his catalog and this drastic measure is due to the fact that they will re-release the film in the cinema, on September 23, to carry out a new strategy.

This situation leads us to wonder if Avatar 2 will be released on the streaming service in the same way as they did with the Marvel tapes, that is, between 45 and 60 days after the box office premiere.

However, this would not happen this way because, as we mentioned before, the production of the film would have a new strategy and the premiere in digital form would take much longer, because its main objective would be to have a good box office in theaters, but we will know this. over time.

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