“Avatar” made the impossible possible

The meaning of having participated in Avatar, in 2009, for Michelle Rodriguez and Stephen Lang, is such that 13 years after its launch they coincide: “Even if I don’t do anything else, I’m part of Avatar,” says Lang.

James Cameron’s feature film is the highest grossing in history, having grossed more than 2.8 billion dollars at the global box office, surpassing stories like Avengers: Endgame (2019).

For the actors, it is an example that it is possible to do the impossible: “I love the vision and work of James Cameron, he is a genius and being part of this opened my horizons, made me believe and understand that it takes a lot of work to build a world and tell a good story, but above all, when things seem or are impossible, don’t give up,” says Michelle.

With at least four sequels on the horizon (the first will be released in December), tomorrow the film that started it all and which takes place in the year 2154 on the moon Pandora, where a key mineral is being extracted to solve the crisis, will be re-released in theaters Earth’s energy. It will be a new version with 4K resolution.

“Professionally Avatar is a part of my life but also this was a great event in the history of cinema that makes you feel humbled and validated,” says Lang, who is currently filming, as his character will appear in the sequels.

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