Avatar: The Way of Water | Sigourney Weaver learned parkour for her new character

The cinema has a before and after Avatar – 83%. Despite the fact that 3D cinema had already been experienced, it was James Cameron’s film that took advantage of all its resources so that the film would be a complete narrative and sensory experience. The art design remains unparalleled and so it’s no wonder he’s spent so much time on sequels to come from this year.

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However, beyond the visuals and the impressive special effects, there is a whole job with the actors who, in addition to their interpretation, require training and physical condition; Well, despite the fact that it is mostly a digital work, the interpreters are still completely involved with the movements of their characters. Weeks ago, there was talk of Kate Winslet’s work that she had to hold her breath for a long time for her underwater scenes.

It must be remembered that Avatar: The Way of Water has part of the original cast, as well as new characters, in addition to Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Stephen Lang, who has surprised with her return is Sigourney Weaver, since Dr. Grace Augustine died in the first installment, but now she will be in charge of playing Kiri, the daughter of Neytiri and Jake. Without a doubt, this new role is a complete contrast to the previous one, for which she has had to train quite a bit.

During a recent conversation with the magazine Interviewthe iconic star of Alien – The Eighth Passenger – 97% spoke about what it is like to work alongside james cameron and all of his creative demands as well as his experience to bring young Kiri to life.

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In many cases, my first reaction is: ‘I can’t do that.’ I’m not saying it out loud, because I know they’ll make fun of me mercilessly for what a coward I am, but I think everyone enjoys working with Jim. [James Cameron] because it requires a lot. More than a lot of other people, and we had to do a lot of parkour. We had to do burpees. We had to do apnea. Don’t you just love these jobs where you have to learn really wacky things that stay with you for the rest of your life? Freediving, especially, I am grateful that we spent a year practicing it.

Parkour refers to an activity that tests the individual’s motor skills without tools other than natural methods. It implies a connection and understanding with everything around them, and just like the Na’vi tribe on Pandora, they have to learn to move and act in their environment. The practitioner’s body is the only tool available and more than a competitive activity in life outside the set, this is practiced as an expression of freedom.

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So far it is confirmed that Weaver will continue until Avatar 3, meanwhile, Avatar: The Way of Water finally arrives in theaters on December 16 of this year and the third installment is expected in December 2024. Finally, the actress also wanted to emphasize that, despite the fact that james cameron he is one of the most demanding filmmakers with the work of his cast, he also likes to have fun with the ideas that come to his mind that become great challenges.

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