Avatar’s motion capture and AI are the keys to a revolutionary study for medicine

the technology of motion capture is crucial so that cinematographic proposals such as Avatar: The Sense of Water either video games like The Last of Us get to take the digital terrain the emotions of the performers. However, as the BBC In recent news focused on a study, this technology is a perfect tool for detect rare diseasesan operation in which they achieve faster and more precise results than those a doctor can obtain.

According to a study published by the Nature Medicine Magazine, a team has been able after ten years of research to create a technology that takes advantage of the virtues of motion capture and artificial intelligence. In this way, medical teams can use this tool to detect diseases that affect movement, a situation that affects disorders such as Friedreich’s ataxia or Duchenne muscular dystrophy. And according to the Dr. Ricottione of the members of the research team, the results are amazing.

Cinema and video game technology can serve to improve lives

Ricotti points out that “the impact on the diagnosis and development of new drugs for a wide range of diseases could be absolutely huge”. Added to this statement Aldo Faisala member of Imperial College who points out that this technology manages to detect “subtle movements that humans cannot grasp”. For this reason, both defend that research is a perfect option for the pharmaceutical industry and the big tech companies interested in these rare diseases, a condition that affects 1 in 17 people in territories such as the United Kingdom.


Therefore, motion capture, together with AI, makes it possible to analyze the state of the brain, nervous system, heart, muscles, bones, lungs and other types of psychiatric disorders. In their tests, the system predicted how a Duchenne muscular dystrophy patient’s movement would be affected with more precision than a doctor Furthermore, he also got reduce diagnosis timea factor to which must be added the hypothetical cost reduction which also mentions the study. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting tool that will also offer many advantages to medical teams around the world.

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