Avery and April together? What Jesse Williams revealed about his appearance on Grey’s Anatomy

The 400th episode of Grey’s Anatomy promises and it is that Jesse Williams, who plays Dr. Jackson Avery, will return to the series for a brief appearance.

Fans speculate that it is to reconcile with April Kepneractress Sarah Drew, who left Grey’s in season 14.

During an interview on the Watch What Happens Live Whit Andy Cohen program, Jesse Williams made fun of what his fans think about his return to the series and into April’s arms.

“I think I’d stick a dart in my neck if I told them what’s going to happen with April,” Williams, 40, said.

They exist in some form or fashion, and you will see them on the screen, possibly on the screen itself.. That’s all I can say,” the actor joked.

gray will outlast them all

The 400th episode of Grey’s Anatomy it will be the last of season 18 and could be Wililams last chance to return to the series, which he hopes will continue for quite some time.

“Grey’s will outlive us all,” he laughed. The show has been renewed through season 19, which will begin in the fall.

In season 17 of the series, fans saw Jesse Williams say goodbye to the series that he starred in for 12 years as Dr. Jackson Avery.

The character resigned from Gray Sloan in Seattle and went to Boston to take care of the medical foundation owned by his mother.

Before leaving, the plastic surgeon reconnected with his ex-wife, Dr. April Kepner, and she agreed to meet him in Boston and their daughter, Harriet, leaving the door open for a reconciliation.

“We were asked a few weeks ago about Grey’s return (…) I think it came out in the press at the time we said OK”.

list the scene

It was learned that the couple he already filmed his scene for the season finale. Drew shared a video of him meeting on set through Instagram on April 25.

“Thanks for coming to New York for the play,” Williams joked. The Everwood student laughed. “He’s so mad that I haven’t come to #takemeout yet,” she captioned the clip..

Williams currently stars in Broadway’s Take Me Out, which It earned him his first Tony Award nomination.

It is nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play, and the production is nominated for Best Revival of a Play.

While you want your friends and family to support you, he prefers not to know who is in the audience watching him in his full frontal nude scenes.

“I wasn’t nervous about being seen,” the Chicago native told host Andy Cohen.

“I didn’t know that Ellen [Pompeo] or Debbie [Allen] would come, and in my first weeks of production I learned that I don’t want to know. I thought he was confident, ‘Oh yeah, sure, tell me,’ and realized he didn’t want to know. Absolutely not.

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