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Elderly women.

Balancing family and work is no easy task for parents, and it often becomes even more complicated in the winter when children fall ill. A simple flu or cold puts us in a hurry when it comes to organizing ourselves with work at home and a sick child.

The flu campaign starts in a few weeks and one new thing this year is that it includes children, Ana de la Puente, pediatrician at the Ávila Norte Health Center in Cop Ávila, talks to us about whether it is appropriate to vaccinate our children. What is flu and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

De la Puente explained to us that in addition to children included in the risk groups, vaccination against flu this year is also recommended for children aged six months to five years.

This recommendation also applies to children who live with people belonging to risk groups, which will be listed by Ana de la Puente (listen to the interview).

The pediatrician explained to us that the flu vaccine in children could be another solution for minors who suffer from bronchiolitis. In this sense, remember that we must not forget the other preventive measures that we took into account during the pandemic, such as using masks and not taking children to school if they are sick or washing hands.

Although this is not common and these are minority cases, Ana de la Puente tells us that sometimes parents who are reluctant to vaccinate come to her for consultation; In most cases they are parents who have specific doubts about certain vaccines and all the necessary information is provided so that they can make a decision. The pediatrician remembers that in our country vaccination is a recommendation but not an obligation.

Regarding flu vaccination in children, Ana de la Puente explained that health centers will receive the necessary doses to distribute them free of charge.

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