Ávila will host the regional congress of emergency medicine

Ávila will host the XVI Congress of the Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine of Castilla y León on April 13 and 14 at the Lienzo Norte Conference Center. It is a meeting in which doctors, nurses and transport technicians come together, updating their work areas and where King Felipe VI has accepted the honorary presidency, which supposes “added value”.

Daniel Muñoz, head of Hospital Emergencies in Ávila, is the president of this congress, which was already held in Ávila in 1998 and is now returning to this city. What is done with the congress are “medical updates” through an approach of presentations, tables or workshops where the focus is placed in this event on technology and digital capacity, as can be seen, for example, in the inaugural conference that will deal with artificial intelligence and its applications to emergency medicine. But there will also be other content that focuses on this field, with detection of arrhythmias through mobile devices, digitization in the emergency service or computer contingency, among others.

But the contents will go much further and Muñoz himself explains that issues of ultrasound or CPR or even CBRN Training (Nuclear, Radiological, Bacteriological and Chemical) will be addressed, for which the Operational Control Unit of the Civil Guard will be available. Emerging pathologies will also be included, as has been seen with covid or ebola.

The objective set for this congress is to reach 300 participants, after reaching 250 in the last meeting, in León. For this, explains Daniel Muñoz, a place with the North Canvas has been chosen because “we need a lot of space” to be able to do the different workshops simultaneously, for example ultrasound, bleeding control or CPR. Added to this are the presentations and exhibition work that will form part of two “intense days” with a preparation of more than a year.

contents. As Daniel Muñoz himself explains in his welcome letter to the congress, there has been a change over the years in the way of dealing with both healthcare and scientific activity, which is why in this meeting they try to offer a program “at the height of the enormous quality of previous congresses. On this occasion, part of the topics to be discussed will be taking ICTs into account, configuring an attractive program for all attendees, and especially for those who have to guide the imminent generational change”.

In the contents there is a part of pre-congress courses that includes CBRN training, extrication training (with the Ávila firefighters), arrhythmia workshop or puncture techniques, among others.

In the part of the tables, topics such as emerging pathologies, low back pain guide, tactical health, the inaugural conference on artificial intelligence in emergency services, humanization in emergency services, detection of arrhythmias through mobile devices, computer contingency, are covered. digitization of emergency services, emergency and emergency nursing as a specialty, dysfunction of cardiac devices, new strategy in medical transport and time-dependent codes (stroke, heart attack).

The program is completed with the part of the workshops, of which there will be ultrasound scans, bleeding control, confined spaces, mindfulness, ultrasound-guided venous access, containment of the agitated/psychiatric patient, mobilization and immobilization, arrhythmias, myths and realities of inhalation therapies or even a CPR gymkhana that encourages challenging the skills and knowledge of the participants.

For this congress there is an organizing committee and a technical one, in addition to the one of honor in which, together with King Felipe VI, are the mayor of Ávila, the president of the Diputación de Ávila, the Minister of Health of the Junta de Castilla and León, the rector of the Catholic University of Ávila, the manager of Castilla y León Health Emergencies, the Territorial delegate of the Castilla y León Government, the sub-delegate of the Government in Ávila, the manager of Health Care of Ávila, the president of the Official College of Physicians and the president of the Ávila College of Nursing.

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