Avocado from Mexico in the United States: the threat of organized crime that paralyzed the millionaire export between both countries

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In the middle of Super Bowl weekend and while thousands of fans tasted guacamole in Los Angeles, the United States unexpectedly announced that it was temporarily stopping the importation of Mexican avocados.

The reason, according to Washington, was the threat received by one of its officials while inspecting this fruit in the state of Michoacán, where the so-called “green gold” has become a source of confrontation between organized crime.

The reasons are obvious: the avocado business moves millions of dollars and creates thousands of jobs thanks above all to the trade relationship between the two countries.

Mexico, the world’s leading avocado producer, has its northern neighbor as its main client. And in the US, where interest in this fruit has grown exponentially in recent years, most of the avocado that is eaten is Mexican.

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