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The car tax returns on time in this 2022. Here’s what changes and what is important to know.

This is an annual tax that car owners must pay to the state on a regular basis. Let’s see what happened in 2022 and why some are exempt. The car tax is a tax that is truly hated by Italians. It is administered by the regions and has the particularity of having a deadline that is not fixed, but linked to the single vehicle. In fact, the car tax expires exactly the month following that of registration. So this means that for a car that was registered in the month of May, the expiry of the road tax will always be the end of June of each year. Not paying the stamp duty means incurring progressively more serious penalties. If the delay is a few days or a few months, it won’t take much to get back into compliance. But progressively sanctions and interests will grow.

Risks, fines and exemptions

After 3 years of non-payment of the car tax, the state becomes inflexible. The license plate and registration certificate are collected and the car can no longer circulate. Yet in this 2022 there are 3 categories of cars that are exempt from the hated tax. The state with these exemptions aims to reward some or to help those most in need. First of all, they are exempt from paying the car tax historic cars. Perhaps the most ethically significant exemption is the one it involves cars carrying disabled people. This is an important exemption that goes to help those who find themselves in a condition of objective fragility. The last type of exemption concerns the electric cars. Here the legislator clearly wants to reward the fact that he has chosen a car that does not pollute the city.

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Both verifying the amount of the stamp that will proceed with the actual payment are procedures that can now be done online.

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Going digital will allow for a small saving on this tax.

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