Avowed Narrative Designer Kate Dollarhyde Leaves Obsidian

Some come and others go, this happens in everything in life and it also often happens in video game studios with developments at full capacity, as is the case with Avowed. On this occasion we share with you that a very important figure within Obsidian’s organization chart is leaving the company.

Kate Dollar Hyde, the game’s lead narrative designer, has officially announced her departure from the company. After nothing more and nothing less than five years within the company, she leaves to continue growing professionally in other areas. In short, she will not continue in Obsidian nor in the development of Avowed, the game in which she was currently carrying out her work.

Avowed loses its narrative designer

Kate Dollarhyde had previously worked within Obsidian on big name games like, The Outer Worlds Y Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfireso we hope that they will soon find another person who can replace and cover this position that seems to be vacant at the moment.

Avowed Narrative Designer Kate Dollarhyde Leaves Obsidian - Avowed loses one of its key members of the development team.

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