Avril Lavigne wants Kristen Stewart as the lead in her biopic

Avril Lavigne says she would like Kristen Stewart to play her in a movie.

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avril lavigne has his sights on Kristen Stewart to star in what was his biographical film. Although the rocker does not have any films about her life in progress, she recently confessed to Access Hollywood that if she did make one, would want Spencer’s Oscar-nominated actress, 31, to play her.

After giving it some thought on the red carpet at the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Lavigne told the outlet: “Kristen Stewart would be great to play me in a movie. Yeah, she’s great.”

The former ‘Twilight’ star has some credibility in the rock star genre, after playing Joan Jett in the 2010 film ‘The Runaways’ opposite Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie.

Jett, now 63, told MTV News in 2009 how Stewart got so invested in the character to portray her in the film: “She was listening to my accent and she was watching my body language. She is a compelling actress, honest, with integrity and depth, and she is very serious. She takes it like an art,” Jett revealed then.

Earlier this month, Lavigne spoke to Alt Press about misconceptions of her as a person, given her punk-rock persona.

“Honestly, a lot of people, when they meet me, [piensa] that I’m going to be a p **. I’m actually very nice. They always say, ‘My God, you’re not what I expected.’ People think I’m weird and tough and strong,” she recounted.

He added: “You have to stand up for yourself. You may look like a z**, but I think being a z** is a very good thing. I’m a s**t, and that’s good. It means you’re not stupid. That you are not a pushover and that you say what you think.

That willpower is something the ‘Girlfriend’ singer has had to develop throughout her career to get to where she is today: “I’m stubborn, strong-willed, and strong-minded, and if I feel a certain way, I stick with it.” in her. I fight constantly. I have struggled from day one to write my own songs. I’ve had to fight my whole career to write the kind of music I wanted,” the singer said.

“Sometimes the record companies would push me back and they didn’t understand my vision. I always had to fight and fight with each album to continue in the musical direction I wanted, even if they tried to influence me in another way, “concluded Lavigne.

On the other hand, ‘Sk8ter Boi’, Avril Lavigne’s 2002 hit will now be made into a movie.

“Recently, being almost the 20th anniversary (of the album), a lot of people have been asking me to play this song on TV shows, so it keeps coming up and people will always refer it to me. So, I’m going to turn this song into a movie and take it to the next level,” the Canadian singer said on the She Is The Voice podcast late last year.

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