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The first time I realized that my daughter’s generation was caught up in what I now see as cult-like religious fanaticism was in 2017 when Wonder Woman was released. We enjoyed it a lot. We applauded at the end, and as I recall, I applauded. We thought, this was great. Later, my daughter told me she was a little scared to post about it online. “Why,” I asked him. “Because Gal Gadot is an Israeli.”

I’ve had to think about this for a while, years now. Why should that be a problem? Because over the years now, the same generation that uses wrong pronouns and believes in inverted hierarchy (marginalized people at the top, etc.) as a way of life has also become pro-Palestine and anti-Israel.

I’m not always political on this site. I try not to. I know this is why no one comes here. I’m only half Jewish on my father’s side (not technically Jewish) and I wasn’t raised in any religion. But my family came from Europe, and many of them were murdered in the genocide. I’ve been obsessed with World War II for years and now, I’ve watched as an entire generation not only doesn’t remember the Holocaust, but doesn’t even know what war looks like. Why should they do this? The wars in the Middle East occurred during much of his childhood, but were also kept away from the public eye – no social media, no journalistic fallacies.

They have been raised with this belief: fit in, get results. And now they are attacking in the same way they have been radicalized to do. Still, it’s beginning to look a lot like the same forces that ultimately led to the gassing of six million Jews.

Of course, no one should be forced to be pro-Israel. Or Jewish supporters. This is your decision. But that’s different from being unable to post about Gal Gadot for fear of repercussions. There is a widespread effort being made to silence dissent, which is eerily similar to what we’ve seen since 2020, the “Great Awakening” when all these Tumblr-raised teens went to college, where their beliefs were strengthened and then implemented across the workforce.

Recently, there has been debate over whether Harvard graduates were deceived and when donors and law firms decided to punish them for saying it was Israel’s fault when Hamas attacked them. Whether or not “cancel culture” was in play. But the thing is this. There is a line. There still exists such a thing as moral clarity. Should be here.

Before I get to that, it’s important to talk about Gal Gadot, Amy Schumer, and other high-profile people who are being attacked and bullied online for standing up for Israel. Gadot is getting it, at least so far, less than Schumer who fits neatly into the “Karen” narrative — a group that can still be abused online and no one will defend. Now, he’s being called a racist for his post because he definitely is.

We live in such a dumb, flat binary culture now. But understand that this is what “cancel culture” looks like, making someone so toxic that no one will hire them and no one will want to associate with them.

I first saw Amy Schumer under attack when she posted a meme about how “the left” cares about every other issue, but when it comes to Jewish people, they are silent. I’m sorry that he and others are just now waking up to what the left has become, but honestly, it’s too late. I’ll give it to you straight away. They either believe or have been led to believe that Jews are “white” and Palestinians are “non-white”. This gets into their oppressor/oppressed ideology, and they take the side they have been programmed to take.

The problem is that they don’t know the truth about what happened on October 7. How could they? Now there is no such thing as news. The news is tailored according to your selected statement. They live in a time where there is no such thing as real journalism. Much of it has been co-opted by the same forces that now drive “cancel culture.” BBC, NY Times, Washington Post, MSNBC all read the “woke” mentality and always have. This means that they will cover a murder by a white person in the news for days, but will remain silent if the killer is non-white. This means they read about the bombings and deaths of Palestinians but spend less time on what happened to Israelis.

Worse, they are easily fooled into believing that “the Jew lies.” He believes that the pictures of burnt children are fake. In reality no Hamas soldier put a child in an oven, then raped its mother and then shot her dead. It did not happen. They tore up posters of the hostages because they were convinced that “the Jew lies.” The surprising thing is that we have come here, but here we are.

Hollywood is, and always has been, a community of cowards. They are all afraid of losing everything, so they remain silent. They were silent during the “cancel culture” madness. They are silent because fans have harassed their entire industry and told them what to do or else. They are silent now, but for some of those who are brave, like Ms. Gal Gadot and Amy Schumer.

This is circulating on Twitter right now. Look closely at what is said in it. This is clearly being used as propaganda to influence impressionable minds who only get news from their social media feeds:

The unhappy Gen-Z crowd is talking like parrots because they’re hungry for some kind of collective purpose. Since it was never given to them through any form of religion – and culture has become a wasteland – this type of ideology easily takes hold of them. Somehow, and throughout history, it has always boiled down to hatred of Jews.

You can clearly see how they have put this conflict into the oppressed/oppressor mentality. If you want to know why mobs never shut down the Brooklyn Bridge or Grand Central Station because Putin invaded Ukraine, this is why. Ukrainians are white.

They also remain silent, do not care, do not say anything on such stories:

So, you’re wondering why I’m not saying anything about the thousands of people killed in Palestine? Why am I not concerned about the children killed there? Answer: Of course, I am. Any decent person would. But this is as complex a topic as ending the war by dropping two atomic bombs on Japan. In the fog of war no one knows what the right thing to do is. But no one fights a war to lose.

Hamas started the war in a more brutal way than could have been imagined. Raping women covered in blood and dragging them through the streets, burning babies – decapitating them – in their cradles. One story I heard was about a mother and her family who were hiding from Hamas, but the twins were starving, and she had to bring a bottle to feed them, so she boldly walked outside. They captured her, raped her and when her husband tried to save her, they shot both of them. Children remained inside for hours or days before being found.

Don’t do this without understanding what is going to happen next. They wanted war. They wanted war to test the resolve of this generation. And look what they discovered. Look what we all discovered. I’m sorry war is hell. war is hell. This is war. And this is probably only the beginning. I always wondered what would make of the generation that saw Hitler bomb London – well, now we know.

Now warriors of freedom of expression like me are in a dilemma. I don’t think anyone should be arrested or banned from social media. But do I think I would want a Hamas supporter working for me? The answer is unambiguous. No, if you believe that you are not only uneducated and not very talented, but you also lack moral clarity and conscience. No law firm should hire someone like this.

There’s always a line. “Cancel culture” has obscured that line by crying wolf too many times. Now that the real wolf has come out, it takes true patience to take a stand. I wouldn’t want anyone working for me who:

-Thought that Charles Manson had the right to send members of his cult to murder people.
-Thought the Columbine shooters were justified because society treated them poorly.
-Thought Hitler had the right idea about his “Final Solution”.

There is a line. Should be here.

This post is a way to let Gal Gadot and Amy Schumer know that AwardsDaily stands with you in your bravery and your willingness to stand up for what you believe is right. We may not agree on everything but it takes courage to speak out and you will be well remembered for it.

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