“Away from everything and everyone”

On this day, which marks a very deep break between before and after, Fabrizio Miccoli he spontaneously constituted himself in the prison of Rovigo, after being definitively sentenced to three years and six months of imprisonment on charges of extortion aggravated by the mafia method. A choice, his, to get away.

Miccoli in Rovigo, because he decided this way

The former captain of the Palermo, the attacker Fabrizio Miccoli, he stripped off his shirt and faced the trial and accepted the sentence confirmed in the Supreme Court: he was accompanied to prison by his lawyer, Antonio Savoia, who complained about the dissemination of news concerning his client even before he was notified of the execution order, a detail reported by the agency HANDLE.

“He’s a broken man,” commented his lawyer. The decision to establish himself in the Venetian prison and not in Lecce, where he resides with his family, from what ANSA has learned, is attributable to the desire of the former footballer to “stay away as much as possible from everything and everyone” .

Miccoli, the trial

Miccoli was accused of having commissioned a Mauro Lauricella, son of the boss of Kalsa Antonino known as “u scintilluni” – who is already serving a 7-year sentence in prison – the task of recovering 12 thousand euros from the entrepreneur Andrea Graffagnini, owner of the Paparazzi nightclub, on behalf of the former physiotherapist of the Palermo Giorgio Gasparini, who would have addressed the former captain himself.

Then the former player had involved Lauricella, with whom he was in contact when he wore the shirt of the Sicilian club and was an idol of the rosanero fans.

A complex procedural affair, which allowed to emerge from the interceptions between Miccoli and the son of the boss of Kalsa comments on the judge Giovanni Falcone, which was defined by the former captain “That mud” while he was in via Notarbartolo, near the residence of the magistrate.

The sentences about Falcon and Miccoli’s public apologies

A long-standing trial and much more devastating than told, for those directly involved and for what emerged from the investigations and which was then explained in the course of the trial in the various levels of judgment. Above all, there remained that horrible, indelible stain of the sentences addressed to Giovanni Falcone.

Offensive expressions, which threw salt on the open wounds of the family of the murdered judge with his wife Francesca Morvillo and the men of the escort Vito Schifani, Rocco Dicillo, Antonio Montinaro in Capaci, in a horrible massacre and for which their loved ones pay the consequences, without interruption.

Phrases, those of wiretapping, which aroused great indignation in public opinion, so much so as to induce Miccoli – once you have learned and understood the gravity of those words – to apologize publicly in tears and to send to the newspaper Republic a letter from him.


Miccoli in prison in Rovigo, the lawyer: "Away from everything and everyone" Source: ANSA

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